Oh Wednesday Open Forum, what are we to do with you? Seems as though you are in need of taming and a new host.

Allow this to serve as a call for volunteers. Because why not? We have all these seasoned and fresh-faced TAY people who would love to keep us company during the middle of the week. It's a tough job to keep us awake, to host all the insanity and to keep a discussion going. But I know many of us are capable, and may have the time to commit! And so, have at it. Express your interest below to host but a few things to remember:

1. Don't overburden yourself! If you already have a lot of responsibilities on the TAY as is (hosting other forums, chats, game nights, various clubs etc), then please take that into consideration and do not stress yourself by taking on another Forum.

2. If one day you just cannot host for whatever reason, there are lots of people who can cover for you. Reach out to an Admin, or on a public forum and let someone know. It's cool. We understand things come up.

3. Depending on interest, maybe we can even have a rotation for Wednesdays. Is that an idea that would be cool? It works pretty well for the TAYveyard.

TAY Community, your thoughts?