I'm really feeling it!

It’s been weeks since I picked up Final Fantasy VII on Switch. I’m right at the end, I plopped my save point right outside that little path leading into the bright light. I just don’t want to finish it.

At first I thought that I was just avoiding the fact that I did very little side quests and that I kind of want to do all of them, but that isn’t really true. I’m fine beating the game and then reloading and starting on the plethora of awesome side content. I don’t feel any obligation to complete anything before I beat it.


The reality is that I kind of just don’t want the main plot to end. My playthrough went by suprisingly fast. I’m at only about 35 hours. I didn’t abuse the speed functions or random encounter toggle much while playing. The fact that I really just wanted to get through the big stuff (with, of course, little tangents into making sure I have all the characters) and get to the end made the game go a lot faster than expected. It’s so good and I just don’t want it to be over.

So many gamers have an emotional attachment to Final Fantasy VII and I’m definitely feeling it right now. It takes me back - I can remember explicitly so many moments of playing it when I was in highschool. I’m going to have to beat it. I think I will do it this week. Maybe. I also might just keep avoiding it because I don’t want that nostalgia feeling to end.

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