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I've Been Thinking About Making a Game Similar to Fire Emblem

Hey everybody, I'm thinking about making a game! Well, it may not be a very organized effort or one that happens very quickly, but I'm going to kick it around in my spare time for shits and giggles. Mainly because I think there's a distinct lack of Fire Emblem esque games for the Vita. If I could get it up and running in a satisfactory manner, I'd consider getting certified as a company and getting a Vita dev kit.

Now you may be saying "woah Fyst woah, hold your horses and back up for a bit here" and that's ok, I'll tell you where this idea all started. It started back at the start of my Artificial Intelligence class when we were assigned a final project. I began to think, well the A.I. in Fire Emblem's a fancy search algorithm, I could probably do that, right? So that's what I set out to do, at least the pathfinding part of it. And I succeeded! (partly) I can have multiple units on a screen compete to get to the other's goal. There's no fighting implemented, and the units are completely unaware of each other, but it's a start!


I'm not out to directly rip off Fire Emblem either, its' the orthogonal strategy game, with a focus on perma-death and relationships with your units that is interesting to me. SO, here's the idea that I came up with for a strategy game:

It'll be called "My Club is a Kingdom" and it's a strategy game based in an alternate reality where the economic crisis hit the country so hard that education funding buckled, and schools are being forced to close down clubs that don't perform well. In this world students have begun to hold secret club wars to determine who's club will get funding and who's club will be shut down. The winner get's the loser's financing, and their club's vice president as a member and the loser shuts their doors for good! Daisuke's a club president of the Geek-United-Frontier club, what's the Geek-United-Frontier? you might ask. Well basically .... it's a bunch of people hanging out. Which means it's in danger of being shut down! Can Daisuke rally his members and make the Geek-United-Frontier the number one club or will he have to close the club for good?!

The game would have a few key differences to Fire Emblem, one it'd have a timer for each level. The reason for this is the club wars are secret, and teachers don't approve of them, so if they fight too long a teacher comes along and suspends the lot of them. It wouldn't necessarily mean Game Over however, Suspension means you can't use your units for three matches, and it also is one of three strikes against a unit. Strikes come from defeat in battle or suspension. If you get three of them, Expulsion (perma-death). New units come from winning battles, story, or turning them mid battle. Relationship ranks build similar to Persona, where you can interact with units outside of battle albeit through menus and cutscenes rather than full on interactive school areas. Higher relationship values mean buffs for units when working together and maybe recruiting their underclassman. I'm going to look long and hard at the math involved in this whole thing too, I want this game to be challenging, but balanced. I'm not exactly sure how combat'll work yet though. I'm considering something along the lines of the Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga's action/ turn-based RPG combat mixed with Fire Emblem's watch it go combat.


This is just kind of a random musing at this point, as I don't have much besides a bare bones A.I. search algorithm at this point. We'll see where this goes from here. I'll update TAY as I find time to work on it or if anyone is interested in doing art/music with me.

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