I'm really feeling it!

I've got a Wii U now!

I knew it would happen eventually, as I'm a huge Smash Bros. fan, and I do like Nintendo games generally, but I didn't figure it would be so soon :3 I got the system at a super cheap price via some coupons and a deal. Add in the 6 games for 40% off sale they were having this weekend and I had a heck of a deal! (other 2 games were $0.50 psp games not pictured) I made out like a bandit, with a new system and 4 games for under $300.00! Next up is Mario Kart 8 and Mario 3D World :3 I'll be giving my impressions on the system as I get used to it, but for now I'll just leave it as my gushing for the deal I got :P

Anyway, for all you Nintendoites my Nintendo ID (because I couldn't remember my 3ds password for the life of me) is FinalFyst. Let me know if you add me!


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