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Jalopy is such an odd mix of simulation, mundane interactivity, and quirky indie charm. You start with a husk of a car. You didn’t think it would be that easy, did you? You’ll need to build the car before you can drive it. You need to place a mismatched door on it, pop the hood and piece-by-piece assemble the engine (comprised of seven parts), grab gas and oil and mix it in (this is a 2 stroke), then jack it up and pop the wheels on before you can even start er up. *catches breath*


It’s an almost obsessive level of interactivity that’s oddly right up my alley. Even a simple event such as getting into the car requires you to first interact with the door handle to open the door, click on the seat to enter the car, grab the key which is likely up under the sun visor, place the key into the ignition, hold down on the key to twist and start, disable the parking brake, place your hands on the wheel to take control, oh, don’t forget to shut that door either. Yes, it stays open until you shut it via interaction.

There’s even realistic inventory management where you might need to yank everything out of the trunk and rearrange it to make it all fit.


Once you finally get out on the road it’s off to Dresden with your cranky, elderly companion who does NOT like the radio being on. Ugh, old people, amirite? Anyways, driving introduces new challenges like avoiding being rear-ended by the other jerks driving. Seriously, don’t stop on the road in an emergency EVEN with your hazard lights on, they don’t care.

Jalopy will be entering Early Access on April 14th. I’ve been following this game for quite a long time. I played it a year ago when it was still a proof of concept prototype known as HAC. It’s shaping up to be something quite unique. The conceit is, you are taking your Uncle on a roadtrip across the Eastern bloc. At least, that’s how it starts. He’s mainly serving as the game’s narrator / tutorial so I’m curious in more developed versions if he bows out and you are set loose on your own.


I ran it through its paces in the vid down below.

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