Courtesy of Smite’s “Rolling Thunder” patch, the next god in the game’s roster is the Japanese pantheon’s god of thunder. Despite his size he’s not tanky, and is instead a mage with a good chunk of damage output even if he’s not as bursty as others.

His kit has a lot of utility and his ult is pretty damn bloated considering how disruptive it can be. I’ve tried making a video talking about him but I quickly found out that not only is it hard to form sentences and play at the same time, but I also also am really, really, really bad with mages. Players could even be walking directly in front of me and I’d probably twitch enough to do a 180 and fire...


That said, I did manage to have fun even if I hardly did anything. It’s really fun using his ult and being able to string different drum beats depending on what you want to do. Other than the new god and a handful of adjusted/new skins, this patch is pretty light on balance changes.