I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Whats up! One of the things I wanted to do more this year was stream myself playing video games. Such an odd concept when it first arrived on the scene and has since taken off. Besides writing about video games I wanted to spend more time streaming myself playing them, I need to validate my gaming obsession. I’ve never had many people watch any of my streams, the most people I’ve ever had watching was around 41 when I was running the“Vault of Glass” raid in Destiny on my PS4. At the time the raid was still fairly new and I had been lucky enough to have a regular/competent group to run the raid with.

One of the best streams I ever had was when playing Arkham Knight. The game had already been out for a few months and I was going back to finish the game up. Almost immediately I went from zero to nine viewers. Typically when streaming multiplayer focused games (which I normally do) I was averaging 0-2 viewers and would have no interaction. While playing Arkham Knight I was getting a lot of interaction with the viewers, it certainly enhanced my experience while I was playing my game. We talked about the game of course but also about comic books which I really don’t know much about but it was still an interesting conversation. I also participated in Extra Life this past year which was a lot of fun, I raised around $500 and had a blast doing it. I am looking forward to participating in Extra Life again this fall.


I want to do something similar to a game/movie night, my goal is to do it at least once a month for the next year. I’m hoping to get a good group to interact with each other in the chat as well as myself, sort of like a group hang out. If I am doing a multiplayer game I would love for people to sign up to play with me, especially if it is team focused. If you just want to check out the game I’m playing that is fine as well, topics of conversation during the stream don’t need to be just about the game being played, it could be any type of topic we discuss on TAY.

The setup pictured isn’t my streaming set up, right now I’m just using a PS4 with a PS4 Camera. I did just build a PC rig for streaming, I will be getting that set up in the near future with overlay’s etc., for now though it will be the regular PS4 stream set up. I will have a laptop so I can text/chat as well. Here are the details for my first few “Jason’s TAY Monthly Live Stream”,

Channel: www.twitch.tv/frattyman

You can also add me on PSN “frattyman” and view it through your PS4 as long as I’m streaming on my console if you do not want to go to twitch. Any questions you can email me at player2pushstart@gmail.com , if its a topic you want discussed during the stream or a question you want me to answer send it in!


Feb 27th, Monday, Starting 7PM Pacific Time

7PM(PST) to 9PM (PST) For Honor (feel free to join me)

9PM (PST) to Close - Horizon Zero Dawn - This game will hopefully unlock for me at 9PM PST on the PS Store, barring any setbacks I plan to stream this game as it will be brand new. Anyone on the fence should check it out, those avoiding spoilers will probably want to leave.


March 6th, Monday, Starting 7PM Pacific Time

7PM(PST) to 9PM(PST) - Overwatch (Feel free to join)

9PM (PST) to Close - Ghost Recon Wildlands - Again this will be a brand new release.


March 20th, Monday, Starting 7PM Pacific Time

7PM(PST) to 9PM(PST) - Multiplayer game of some sort (Feel free to join)

9PM (PST) to Close - Mass Effect Andromeda - Again this will be a brand new release.


For this first busy quarter of the year I will be trying to center these around big game releases, I believe after Mass Effect Persona 5 is the next game on my radar. After we get through these big releases I will try to do some smaller or interesting looking titles.

Getting the community to show up and watch or participate is the goal, maybe we could even introduce some new random twitch viewers to TAY!


If anyone could help with the following questions in the comments that would be great!

Is this post formatted correctly for what I’m trying to do?

I wanted to include the “New to TAY” info towards the top or bottom of my article, am I allowed to do that? If so is there a file I can copy and paste or do I just take it from another article?


Thanks in advance!

I’m a fan of gaming just as much as gaming culture. I’m trying to find new ways to blend my hobbies, passions, whatever you want to call them, all together. Currently I’m practicing my writing (duh) and working on producing a Youtube web series (based on bartending) as well as a gaming podcast. I spend the rest of my time running my bar/restaurant. You can find me here!


Twitter @frattyman

PSN - Frattyman (if you send a friend request just put TAY in it!)

Xbox Live - Frattyman (if you send a friend request just put TAY in it!)

Website - player2pushstart.com (coming soon)

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