I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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PALLET TOWN – It was reported today that, after months of anticipation, Jigglypuff is still anxiously awaiting news about whether it will be included in Super Smash Bros 4.

“Jigglypuff would just be heart-broken if it was left out,” said local trainer Red. “It has been asking me every day for weeks: ‘Have you heard anything yet? Did they call?’ But, so far, every passing day brings only another let down.”


Bearing the special distinction of being one of the original pokémon in the Smash Bros series (alongside perennial roster member Pikachu), Jigglypuff is also one of only two unlockable characters to have appeared in all three prior installments of the hit franchise. It is best known for its powerful Sing attack, which temporarily puts opponents to sleep, leaving them totally vulnerable.

“Truly, the worst day was when it learned that Greninja was confirmed. That sent Jigglypuff into an emotional tailspin. It’s really afraid about being sidelined by the new generation and, ultimately, forgotten.”

As of presstime, local sources reported that Jigglypuff was seen weeping quietly in the arms of its trainer and sadly engorging itself on berries.

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