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The latest Nintendo Force issue

If you were a fan of the classic Nintendo Power magazine, and have longed for something in its absence, fret no more! Nintendo Force started 2 years ago, and was funded by Kickstarter for its first 2 years. Now, they are funded through Patreon! In every issue (in print and/or digital form), you’ll find reviews and previews of the latest Nintendo games, as well as news, commentary, comics from Brawl in the Family creator Matt Tarento and other artists, information on Nintendo collectibles, and other goodies (like cool double-sided posters in physical issues!).

Unfortunately, it’s too late to get the latest issue dedicated to the Legend of Zelda (pictured above), but if you want to buy one of their past issues, you can go to their store. And go to their Patreon if you want to get in on future issues!


(If you sign up by March 24th, you can still get Issue 20!)

Now, here’s my personal plea to you. Right now, NF is running a referral giveaway for current Patrons and new people that sign up! The prize: 2 copies of Hyrule Warriors Legends, 1 for you and 1 for me! Just sign up at their Patreon at the Digital Level or above, send an email to referral@nfmagazine.com, and be sure to include my name and email address (I’ll give you my name and email if you message me here, after you’ve signed up of course.). If you don’t want Hyrule Warriors, you can substitute it for any upcoming 3DS game!

You have until March 24th at 6 pm ET to enter!

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