I'm really feeling it!

Just a heads up, TAY. GBD and I will be the guest editors over on Kotaku this Memorial Day weekend. Here are a few things to be mindful of once this happens:

1. It’s possible more traffic will be coming through the TAY over the three-day period (Saturday through Monday), since we will be referencing TAY and promoting it where we can. If you run into any trolls or stuff of the sort, flag them, contact an admin and we’ll try to take care of it ASAP.

2. If there are cool people coming through, try to engage if you can! Nothing better than a friendly welcome, right?


3. We won’t be able to splice any articles from the TAY to Kotaku proper. But if you had any articles in mind planned, if you saved them for the weekend, there’s a chance there may be more eyes on them from any incoming traffic. If that’s what you wanted (and not everyone wants more exposure, that’s cool too), keep that in mind.

4. Pray for Mojo us

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