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Just Cause 3 TAY PS4 Community: Call Out Club

Hello, amicos. This is just a quick invitation to a PS4 community I’ve started up for TAY readers (and their amicos) to call each other out in Just Cause 3.

For the uninitiated, call outs are basically ways to compete for absurd records within the game (like, for example, “most time spent in ragdoll” and “longest wingsuit flight”). Also, the game will tell you when others in your friends list, at least, beat your records regardless of using the call out feature, and keeps a leaderboard for a ton of different stats.


I have about one other person I’m friends with on PS4 playing the game right now, so I haven’t gotten to use this feature much, sadly! So I thought I’d at least try to get something going with the fine people of TAY in case any of you are interested.

Also, in case this sweetens the pot, there are trophies for calling out and being called out. So at the very least, I’d be happy to trade those with people who want those trophies.

Since somehow Sony still hasn’t added the ability to search for or go directly to communities in the PS4 UI, the best way to join up is to add me to your friends list, and then go to “Communities”->“Discover Communities”->“Friends’ Communities”. The TAY JC3 community I just made is called “Call Out Club”. I’m happy to friend anyone here—my username is Patchingko, and just put “TAY” in the friend request and drop your name from here in the comment window (and/or below).

Hope a couple of you are interested in joining up. So far I’m having a lot of fun in Just Cause 3. Happy Chaos Causing, amicos.

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