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Just One Millisecond.

Few things excite me like getting that one millisecond off against a friend in F1 2013. One of the things that I just did, tops that. I'm never going to claim to be the best. But I'll always say I'm good enough. And to me, good enough is just that bit better than my best friend who I know is of equal skill level to me in this game.

Our favorite track is Nurburgring GP. The both of us find ourselves at our best here, and tonight's time trial extraordinaire proves it. I was representing the rosso corsas and he took a silver arrow. That means I was Ferrari, and he was Mercedes.


Usually, our battles are intense but tonight, I think they were more intense than ever before. I had an advantage over him, 1:31.3xx for about 20 minutes. I thought my time was safe, he told me "If I don't make it this lap, I'll stop." So here I am thinking, alright. Sounds like tonight is mine.

Wrong. A minute and a half later, he told me a simple "Beat it." I check his time. 1:31.093. So I was thinking, how did he accomplish that? Hmm. Well, whatever. I'll just grab the time back in a jiffy. I am not known to be a patient person by any means. I found myself getting frustrated easily, but I decided to use my frustration to my advantage. I wanted to see just how far I could push my rosso corsa Ferrari. I kept sliding off the track, going way too wide, being just that bit too slow... you name it, it happened. Well. I never spun out, luckily enough for myself.

I was finding myself getting just a little faster and just a little further before a mistake every succeeding lap. I'm starting to think to myself, "Okay maybe I'll make it this time." I knew the start of my laps were always stupendous. I had trouble keeping up with myself for a good proportion of my laps as I followed my ghost and remained on par with his. I finally saw how he beat me once I made it to the chicane on the course near the end. He cut it pretty tightly. I asked him "How'd he do that?" and he told me, "Juuuust cut it enough to where you don't go off the track." Was this all for naught? Could I not beat the time because of it? I wasn't sure. I kept at it.


Here I am, my clock says it's 12:40. I'm almost tired of this crap. I start up my next lap. I'm generally faster than I have been by hundredths of a second. Could this be it? A little KERS here... keep a good line through that corner... da, da... I keep eying over at the ghosts. I'm generally ahead, okay. This is looking good. Here I come, right at the chicane. I decide to not exactly do what he did, but I took a really loose line to minimize my turning. I'm still ahead. Final turn. Going to use my last bit of KERS, pop open the DRS, and boom.

1:30.870 it tells me. I stare at it just to make sure. 1:30.870. Yep. That's right. I throw my fists into the air. That's faster than his 1:31.093. And dammit, that time is going to stick.

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