Greetings TAY folk. I'm here to announce a few small changes around these parts.

Firstly, I was asked by the higher-ups at Kotaku to take the position of "Owner" for the TAY. What does that mean? Not much really. The only difference between being an admin and being the "owner" is that I can appoint people admins and take that title away. That's really it. Fear me and my god-like powers! I kid, I kid. I promise I won't let the power, what little there is, go to my head. So feel free to tell me off if you think I'm being too annoying.

After talking to the other admins, Dyram and Odin, we have decided to induct a very helpful TAY member into our ranks. That person is... TheUnfathomableTruth! We all feel that he puts a lot of time and effort into making the TAY more fun and inviting. So there you have it. TUT will now have the power to make or break authors and tidy up main page posts with his editing skills.

That's all! Have a wonderful and safe Thursday night.

GBD out.