I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Yes, it’s back! This time there’s a twist. You have to justify a soundtrack that is really good... from a bad game. By bad, it can’t be “alright” or “average”. You had to have really disliked it in order for it to qualify.

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With that in mind, I want to talk about Sonic 06’s one redeeming quality, the soundtrack!

I’m loving the funky sound to this one, with that awesome bassline. The record scratching really gives it that unique sound, and when everything melds together it sounds really happy and energetic.


It’s not just a short loop either, at 0:52 it changes to a call-and-answer between the flute(?) and the guitar. The guitar solo at 1:44 is incredible.

That’s great and all, but here’s an example of the stage music. This plays in the first of the notorious Mach Speed sections, where you’re constantly running and have to avoid obstacles. When you jump, you lose all control, so you end up careening off the map instead of dodging the obstacle in front of you. If we put aside the trauma that is bad mechanics and broken automated sequences, the music for the last section of Wave Ocean is pretty awesome.


The backing guitar really gives it that high-adrenaline feel, and when the drums kick in the energy goes to 11. With the introduction of the lead guitar, you have an awesome melody for an awesome track.

Though, as is mandatory with Sonic 06, they have to screw some things up.

“But what do you mean?” I hear you ask, “That song sounds completely fine!”

Yes, it’s actually a really nice track. Allow me to show you the problem.

Oh, hey there problem! Nice to meet you!

Don’t hear it? Go to 0:27 in the Sonic 06 track, and then go to 0:37 in the Mega Man track. Not much can be said really.


That’s alright though, because the track is still really good. You know what isn’t? Terrible remix of the Sonic 2 ending theme!

God, even a few seconds of that is too much to bear.

So what game do you hate that has a really good soundtrack? Make a reply to raise awareness of the endangered video game composers out there, dragged down by awful games.

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