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Kamen Rider 2018-2019 announced: Zi-O (Time King)

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Tokusatsu Network has the report!

This new series is VERY notable for being:

1- The 20th anniversary of the Heisei Riders series.

2- The last Rider series to be aired during the Heisei Era because Japan’s getting a new emperor and a new era to herald the country once the transition is complete.


Transformation Trinkets: the Jikku (Space-time) Driver and the RideWatches. There are twenty RideWatches based on all 20 Heisei Riders with more for our main Riders. There are at least 3 original riders from this show: Zi-O, Geiz and Wars.

Gear: the Time Majin (pun on Machine), large vehicles that transform into robots.

The Monsters of the Week are called “Another Riders” AKA monsterized versions of the Heisei Riders manipulated by the Time Jackers.

Highschool kid Sougo Tokiwa receives a mysterious stopwatch and becomes a target of a bunch of Terminator-expies called the Time Jackers. The Jackers do have a reason why they want Sougo dead: the young man will rule the world as “the demon king” Zi-O in the year 2068 and the Jackers want someone far worse in its place. To prevent the darkest Rider timeline from happening as well as the Jackers’ manipulation of space-time, a mysterious girl named Tsukuyomi and secondary hero Kamen Rider Geiz must lead Sougo through the righteous path and change the future.


Overall, expect some guest roles from previous main Riders like Build, Cross-Z, Ex-Aid and Brave, maybe Decade because Masahiro Inoue’s returning to TV as Jinga in an upcoming GARO spinoff. Hopefully, other main Riders from the previous series can follow suit.

To note: some Kamen Rider actors like Hiro Mizushima (Tendou Souji/Kabuto) and Joe Odagiri (Yuusuke Godai/Kuuga) are not interested in reappearing as their previous characters because they’ve moved on for various reasons. The Kamen Rider franchise, after all, is a stepping stone for most Japanese actors when pursuing the journey to fame.


The show will be televised on 9/2/2018.

Bamco has also announced Kamen Rider Climax Scramble Zi-O for the Nintendo Switch.


Hope this series is awesome.

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