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Kamen Rider Amazons Season 2: OPEN IT on Amazon Prime Japan 4/7/2017

The 13-episode, 2016 Amazon Prime webseries is back with an even bloodier and gorier 2nd season!!

Five years after the first season, unusual occurrences of genuine humans painfully transforming into flesh-eating monsters known as Amazonz have increased to dangerous levels. To that end, the Japanese feds have officially allowed bounty hunters to exterminate these monsters.


Chihiro/Kamen Rider Amazon Neo, an Amazonz boy who rejects his monstrous existence and yearns to be human and Iyu, formerly a human girl, resuscitated into a Amazonz, meet each other and want to be together in a world that wants them dead. Can they survive and truly become human?!

The cast and production crew of Season 1 will return. Just as before, it’ll be 13 episodes, all of its names will be confirmed alphabetically from N to Z. P-Bandai has also announced a preorder date for the DX Neo Amazon Belt set.


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