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I'm really feeling it!
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Kamen Rider Battride War 2 incoming 6/2014

And that was quick: Namco-Bandai has unveiled the sequel to last year's Dynasty Warriors-type Kamen Rider game.

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Left to Right: Agito Shining Form, Faiz Blaster Form, Kiva Emperor Form, Den-O Super Climax Form (Phrasing), OOO Super TaToBa Combo, Fourze Meteor Fusion Nandeshiko States, Gaim Jimba-Lemon Arms, Baron Mango Arms, Double CyloneJokerGoldXtreme, Wizard Infinity Dragon Gold Style, Ultimate Kuuga (maybe the Rising Ultimate as DLC), Decade Complete Form, Blade King Form, Ryuki Survive, Armed Hibiki and Kabuto Hyper Form.

Additions to the sequel are simple: Ultimate Rider forms in abundance, DJ Sagara of Gaim added in game, which he could be an annoying navi. Events from the franchise's Heisei-gen movies, such as the typical summer movies like Double's A-Z: The Fate of the Gaia Memories, Decade's All Riders VS Daishocker (WITH A BOSS BATTLE AGAINST KING DARK), and/or Wizard in Magic Land or the December crossover movies like Gaim VS Wizard are added.


Since the upcoming Kamen Rider Wars movie (Out 3/29/2014) is currently hyped, the best thing for Namco-Bandai's success in this sequel is to add events from that anticipated movie. And get Segata Sanshiro as Ichigo in this game, since he's reprised his role as Ichigo that movie. And add all the Showa Riders and some of the female riders like Nandeshiko, Mayu!Mage, Femme.

Looks like I was right in awaiting a sequel for this game. The 1st game, according to many, was not big enough content wise.

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