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When it comes to Kangaskhan, the go to illustration had to feature the loving bond between mom and child. I mean, how could it not be? I wouldn't say that's the "gimmick" of the Pokemon but the entire backstory and everything revolves the child and mother. Even the worst Mega Evolution to date expands on that further with Mega Kangaskhan...But let's not tread those waters now.

Kangaskhan takes the baby in pouch concept from our real world Kangaroo and that's about it. Unlike it's counterpart, Kangaskhan is not agile and doesn't hop about, is thick bodied and stands upright rather than being hunched over, and is seemingly more reptilian than furry marsupial. For my illustration, I looked to it's Red and Blue sprite design for inspiration. I've always liked Kangaskhan, but never captured one in game because Safari Zone capturing was a tough gig.


I was partial to the creature because I used to tape the TV show as a kid on VHS cassettes and one of the ones we had was the Kangaskhan episode...We'd sit there, my brother,sister, and I and watch all the episodes on the tape back to back quite often. Thus, Kangaskhan is memorable to me in that regard, and again, as if it needed to be said, the focus of the episode and the character is that it's relationship with its child.


Anyway, the sprite as seen in the first game features a very chibi styled Kangaskhan, whose proportions are all out of whack. I liked this look and played around with it further, making the creature far more thick all around. We talkin' bout dem thunder thighs and booming biceps! The overall shape is very ballooned out and adds to the cute nature of the depiction of mother and child with a cartoony coloring style. With a limited palette, this style sees the outlining of various details of the creature in different colors.

It's a very straight forward piece of work that doesn't have any sort of extra meaning or art style that relates to the creature itself. I tried to find something that might jive but nothing really clicked. Either way, I got to further explore my own styles rather than thrust something else into the mix, so that's always a good thing. This was a work that I really had no idea what I was going to get for the end result...I just had to stick it out and hope for the best. As I tightened up the piece and cleaned edges, I added scales as a last minute effort to add some substance to the shading and it really helped.


Thanks as always for stopping by and taking and a look at Kangaskhan and baby! Hope you had a great weekend and tune in tomorrow for the next piece in line!




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