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I've been in a tizzy all day about Kotaku's "new" commenting (kommenting?) system. I was getting a bunch of weird letters in place of word buttons such as "edit" and "respond". After realizing Kotaku hadn't pledged itself to a Greek Fraternity I started asking around. A nice poster known as Nanttene finally figured out the problem and wrote:

there's a particular feature Kinja uses to turn letters into icons, but it's unsupported in older browsers and some mobile browsers; this sucks for you, because it means that you'll have to resort to trial and error to see what's supposed to be what.


By god, he was correct! And I've now "Kracked" the "Kode" through this "trial and error" thing he mentioned.

For those of you with gimply/difficult browsers or mobile devices that are getting the weird letter stuff in place of the easier to understand word things, here is your cheat sheet (dare I say, "Kheat sheet?" I dare not.). Most of you won't need this, but for the few of you like me who do, this baby will work wonders and save you a big headache:

U = share to
L = discuss
1 = recommend
x = dismiss

While in a posting/reply box:

lower case u = "quote"

v = insert video
t = insert image
r = add link
p = italic
o = bold
s = bullet

Now, when posting a blog post like this, things are changed up a bit:

Lower case y and Upper case U are both drop down menus that gives you these options:

Ordered List
Unordered List
Header 2
Header 3
Header 4
Normal text
Code (or "Kode")

Hopefully this helps. If not, well ... I tried. And if any Kinja/Kotaku programmers are reading this, consider this a "glitch report". And a "WTF" report — "v" for "video" makes sense, but "p" for "italic" and "s" for "bullet" makes me wonder what all y'all is smoking up there in that Kinja tower of yours. Either that or if you're using that crazy Russian alphabet debuted to us during the Olympic Opening Ceremony. ;-)

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