I'm really feeling it!

I ate KFC's hideously appealing Double Down Dog so you don't have to.


Once, the lowly people of the world doubted the Colonel.

"If the Colonel is all powerful, can he turn this hot dog bun into chicken?"


And the Colonel replied:

"This I say to you, whosoever asks for chicken for a hot dog bun is a sick man."

Still, the Colonel, in his infinite magnanimity, gave the world something better...he gave them the Double Down.

Yet humanity, in its infinite stupidity, revolted against the Colonel.

"hotdog on a chicken bun or bust"

And so, the false idol, the Double Down Dog, a perversion of the Colonel's gift which is a product of his eternal beauty and benevolence, was born.


The Review

I would've loved for the Double Down Dog to have remained a miserable pile of secrets but the internet beckoned and here we are.


The Double Down Dog, as it is advertised, is a Chicken flavored hot dog with cheese filling wrapped in a chicken bun. Yes, the words chicken and bun were probably not made to be together. This is clearly an act of humanity trying to surpass The Colonel. They have reached great heights but ultimately stumble and fail.

We loved it from the beginning...and we hated it from the beginning, too.

It is a sad day when I have to say that the worst thing about a product from KFC is the chicken. The hot dog was pretty nice, soft but with just enough bite, and a pretty good flavor. The condiment, whose true nature I could not ascertain, was pretty good, not unlike the condiments you would see on a 7/11 or sidewalk stalls.


The chicken, though...


Possibly NSFW...

The bun isn't so much chicken as it is chicken jerky. That thing is tough. It doesn't have the goodness of chicken skin nor the tenderness of chicken meat, two things KFC usually nails. What it is is bad and hard to eat.


I have a confession to make...I like the Double Down. The Double Down Dog, though? I don't know what kind of monster would harbor an affection towards that abomination.

The Hot Dog

Awkward Hot Dog handling!

It was pretty nice. I liked it...BUT I WOULD NOT PAY WHAT I DID (~$2) JUST TO EAT THE HOT DOG AND THROW AWAY THE CHICKEN. Again, pretty nice hot dog.


The Verdict


KFC is getting too cocky with its products.

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