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Kick The Tires & Light The Fires May 20!

"Ace Combat Infinity" is already rocking the freemium skies in Japanese Playstation³ but it won't be long before we can join our fellow Japanese virtual stick jockeys as it will take off May 20th over these lands. Here is a glorious new trailer:

We sure came a long way since "River Raid". My dislike for this whole freemium model is quite public, one that is somewhat shared among the community judging by the amount of commenters over at Facebook expressing how unfair the current fuel model is, up to Namco to do something about it. Even if they don't, hey, it's a brand new, amazing Ace Combat to look forward to. The biggest irony is I would probably buy a PS3 if I was able to buy a unrestricted, full physical copy of this because yes, I am that nut of a fan.


Looking forward to future entries in the franchise. Until then, back to the very underrated 3DS entry.

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