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A quick note for the board game / card game / pen & paper RPG aficionados in TAY. Spell Saga is back up on Kickstarter!


For those of you who don't know what that means, fear not! The video above will give you an idea. And if you don't have time for that, here are a few relevant bullet-points!

- Spell Saga is a new SINGLE PLAYER card game (or "tabletop novel"). It essentially plays like a randomized story you tell yourself.

- There was another Kickstarter last year that unfortunately came up short.

- The creators' ultimate goal is a total of three decks, each telling a part of the overall story, plus a 20-card "ending" set. It's been reconfigured slightly since the last Kickstarter: now, the first deck is considered the main game, with later decks to be released as expansions. The first deck has long been completed and play-tested. It's great.


- What's being kickstarted here is an actual high quality print edition of the first deck, plus some nifty extras (holofoil cards!). If you simply want to try playing it and don't mind the quality, the creators offer free pdf versions of the cards and the rulebook that can be printed by anyone. Download those here.

- Did you notice how gorgeous it is? 'Cause DAYUM.

So that pretty much sums it up! Here's hoping it makes its goal this time. On the first day it's already well past the $2,000 mark towards its $11,000 goal. The previous attempted Kickstarter funded $12,000 out of a much more ambitious $35,000 goal, so hopefully this bodes well for their chances this time around!

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