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Killzone: Mercenary Open Beta - Color me Surprised

I just downloaded the Beta this afternoon and started to get into the thick of it and what do ya know? it actually surprised me with how good it felt. It felt like a fully realized shooter and the gameplay was really smooth, the controls were tight...once you moved sprint off of the back touchpad that is. And Warzone is a really cool albeit long game type where you essentially play five types of five minute matches and the most points at the end wins. It's the only game type available in the beta, but they've got my money now. I'll be lining up for this on launch day. The wifi connection was surprisingly smooth with almost 0 lag or kicking from servers and I was on 1 bar three floors from my router. Oh and I was watching Netflix wirelessly too. This had no effect on the gameplay at all. Wow.

Do yourself a favor if you're a PS+ member with a Vita, go get this right now, you won't regret it.

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