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Hey guys, so I've just finished the single player campaign, and this review won't have any spoilers in it, so have no fear! This is the prettiest game I have ever played, granted I don't have a PC rig (I have a Mac! Wooo Mac!) powerful enough to play most of the pretty things that have been around for years. I enjoyed this game, though it does has it's own flaws that make me understand why the reviewers have given it some criticism.

STORY: Fair warning I have not played any Killzone game in the past. I was able to grasp basically what was going on in the campaign right from the beginning. Pulitzer prize worthy, this game is not. However, it is easy to understand the plot, and does a decent job of making both sides have motivations that don't have the Helghast seem like mustache twirling Nazis for the entire game, which is nice. The plot also serves to move you from one beautiful setting to the next, this is one of the more colorful FPS's I've seen in quite a while. Some of the characters had complex natures to them, which I wasn't really expecting, Echo in particular was well done, even if you as the protagonist were not that well fleshed out. I kept wondering if this was done on purpose to allow the player to insert their own personality onto Lucas (Mary Sue style)


CONTROLS: Killzone controls beautifully anytime you have a gun in your hand and the Dualshock 4 performs beautifully, the analog sticks have tighter movement, the touchpad controls feel natural, though I would occasionally swipe it by accident, but it doesn't affect anything normally if that happens. Speaking of the touch controls, it controls the settings for your OWL companion, which is a handy piece of tech Gorilla gives you and adds a nice piece of strategy to the proceedings, by deciding whether to use him as another gun, a shield, a stun bomb, or a zip line. To Guerilla's credit I found myself actively switching between the four settings as strategy dictated.

NEGATIVES: Those were the good times, when you have that gun and things just kinda work, for a few different sections in the game you're stripped of your gun and thrust into either a free fall or zero G situation. THIS PART SUCKS. The first few times you go through it, it's not too bad you float around and navigate to a bunch of different places following your objective marker, but soon enough they give you a rocket launcher in space and throw waves of enemies at you for minutes at a time which gets seriously tedious. Then the worst level in the game, is a free fall at high speed through a crumbling city. It is nigh impossible to do in one go. It's a long section and dying means repeating the same thing over again. It took me a good 50 tries to finish this section, and it just felt like it was because the controls were so floaty and imprecise, but these moments are fairly few and far between.


CONCLUSION: I liked it over all, I could see where people could pick at the plot a bit and find it fall apart, I could see some reviewers finding so much fault with the zero G sections that they disliked the game, but for me I saw past these things to play an enjoyable 10 hours of campaign.

I would give it a solid 7.5/10 (THIS IS FOR SINGLE PLAYER ONLY, I'll be looking into multi-player at a later date)

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