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One of my favorite levels in Cuphead is the King Dice level. It’s made up of 9 separate mini-boss fights - 8 of which I really love and 1 (the last monkey level) I find annoying. What’s great is that you can skip around the bosses using the die and don’t need to play them all.

The only problem is....the die is cursed.


Why do I keep parrying the wrong number? Is it my fault? Has some unknown enemy cast a spell on me? Maybe the game is just weirdly designed in this one aspect? Perhaps my own subconscious is sabotaging me?I’ve unlocked every achievement in Cuphead on PC and am working on doing the same on Switch and I still can’t get a handle on this one simple design element.

At this point I can beat the King Dice level fairly easily on Normal. However, I still regularly screw up the dice roll. Now I’m working on King Dice on expert and I’ve already been accidentally messing up my rolls and either missing health or landing on a boss I wanted to avoid.

Curse you King Dice’s die...curse you right to hell. Or I guess you’re already in hell so...curse you to heaven? I dunno. Whatever. I never thought I’d hate dice more than when playing Dungeons & Dragons but here I am.

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