I'm really feeling it!

For the last year, every Thursday I have woken up to one thought. Most weekends have been filled with raid bosses. Every Discord message I’ve read comes from some amazing guild mates, who I’ve come to know more and more. And this week is the anniversary of the thing that brought us together: Kingdom Hearts Unchained x.

I’d planned to write about the Kingdom Hearts mobile game for almost a year now. At first, this was to be a post about my nemesis(es), but they came and went for the most part. As it turned out, I really missed them when they were gone.


I was going to write about a guild slowly dying. Then the players that were most active in my first guild left, and “we” (not me...I just came along for the ride) created our own extremely active guild. One where most of us have stayed, and thrived.

Then I was going to write about how a free-to-play game started getting too hard, and felt like it was time to start paying or be left behind. But I was just playing the game wrong, and that’s not a very interesting post.

And so here we are, one year later, and I find it fitting to finally write something. I actually find myself at a loss somewhat. To think that I’ve at least logged into a game every day for a year (except one...stupid flu) seems remarkable, but to still love it after all this time is even stranger. Yet, here we are. A new name. Multiplayer is here! And traits. And none of this means anything to non-KHUx players, so I’ll just say “awesome new stuff”! Squeenix keeps us coming back for more.


To my Moogles, thank you for making it a great year! To my TAYers, thanks for indulging me for a few minutes! You are all the best! :)

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