Can't Sleep?! Does the internet have you under is passionate clutches?! Working on your final project?! Working?! Or did the day just get rolling on your side of the globe? This is for you, the late night/early birds/ future warriors!

As you might have missed in the introduction(pre-alpha Lite edition) this is a late nigh/ early bird special overload. For those brave to deny themselves the carnal desires of a warm bed, this is the Graveyard shift. Lets begin....


Now, we all have a franchise that is close to our hearts. It may be the setting of a game, series or even film, but it really pulls at our aorta and arteries. Mine start getting pulled with kunio Okawara mecha designs, and illustrations of a very beloved universe created by Yoshiyuki Tomino. Because as you might have not notice, I heart mobile suits; not the OP RX-78-2 ...I have a vendetta with that white devil.


Also not to forget character designer Yoshikazu Yasuhiko who has been working on awesome Origin.


Some folks find it silly to enjoy the U.C timeline, and not the rest of the other universes. Well, I like purple color schemes, and clunky skirts way more than the flashy OP models.


That being the case, what franchise or universe pulls you in? Is it the sexy curves of the Gekko in MGS? Or the wonderful lush lands of Another World, and its familiars inhabiting it.


Now, to a more serious portion...


Yup! This is not over, not just yet....

For some time I been craving to have serious discussions. I hope you guys don't mind linking your articles, but more of such articles is in need. But it is late, so these discussion will be lite.



Recycling or waste, what happens when your precious console (handheld or not) gives its last battle and just dies or worse breaks? When the physical disk goes broke ? Do you just throw them away? Or do you take them to a place where you know it will get broken down for raw material. What will you do when they are beyond obsolete?

Too dull of a question?


You made it this far? Well lucky folks, this last part is a small music section to jam you out to dream land. But why is it III & IV? Damon Albarn.

Have a late night jam to share? Its now or never.

Other than that...this concludes the first and last Graveyard SUPER PACK shift ...


To be continued?

*The Graveyard shift is not responsible for you late night procrastination, job loss, and failing grades. If you want to take a go at a SUPER PACK or Lite edition, sure. [ScreenName] & Graveyard.