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Hello again, everyone! A new anime season means a new crop of anime openings, and just like I did last season, I have decided to list what I feel are the 10 best of the season. This time around I did not forget to include an "honorable mentions" section to list a few more openings that I felt were good, but maybe not good enough to make the main list. Like last time, I am using more than just the songs included with each opening to decide my rankings. Not only do I need to like the songs each opening has, they also have to have interesting and/or memorable animation and visuals, and lastly the openings need to give off a general idea of what the series is about. And remember, if an opening you like isn't on this list, it doesn't necessarily mean I dislike that opening, it just means either I felt it didn't meet my criteria well enough, or I haven't seen the show it is attached to. So with all of that out of the way, let's get started, shall we?


#10 - Soul Eater Not!

Soul Eater Not! Opening 1 by dm_51aa7c0bb7f4c

I'm a huge fan of the Soul Eater franchise, and think the two openings the main Soul Eater anime had are two of the best I have ever seen. Needless to say, this meant that the opening for Soul Eater Not! had some big shoes to fill, and while this opening isn't quite as good as either of Soul Eater's, it is still pretty good. The song "monochrome" by Dancing Dolls is very energetic and one that keeps repeating in my head whenever I think of it. This opening does a good job at showing how unlike the main Soul Eater series, this one focuses more on the school life at the DWMA, and has a stand out moment in the form of Tsumugi dancing with Anya and Meme at the start of the chorus. The thing that holds this opening back is that the animation doesn't do enough unique or memorable things, just enough to make this list.

#9 - The Comic Artist and Assistants

While I enjoy the song "Pure Impurities" by StylipS, the thing that makes me like this opening a lot is the visuals. They are colorful and unique, mixing a comic book art style with a jelly bean motif that I honestly don't get, but it certainly helps make this opening stand out. This opening also does a good job at hammering home that this series is about a perverted mangaka that uses his assistants for "inspiration" every now and then.


#8 - Riddle Story of Devil

Now this opening has some interesting visuals. Particularly at the beginning with the use of different lenses, culminating in the show's title being shown mirrored. This opening could have done a better job at showing that all of these girls are assassins, but it still is nice to see all the special skills each of the opposing assassins possess as they take on Tokaku. The cherry on top is the song "Sosho Innocence" by Maaya Uchida. I just love how this song morphs as it goes along.


#7 - Selector Infected WIXOSS

I love how this opening juxtaposes the Selectors next to each of the LRIGs to show that they are mirror opposites of each other. I also like how it hints at things not being entirely wholesome with Tama's crazy face right before the chorus kicks in. It also does a decent enough job at showing how this show focuses on girls playing a children's card game. I think the song "killy killy JOKER" by Kanon Wakeshima could have been better, but it more than serves its purpose.


#6 - Nisekoi

Just like I liked Nisekoi's opening last season, I really like the show's second opening. I actually like this opening even more, in fact. This opening does a better job at focusing on all of the romance options, highlighted in the form of place Onodera, Chitoge, and Marika all side by side and showing us how all three behave differently, and this opening even gives Tsumugi her own little section to shine in. Above all what makes this opening work is the excellent song "STEP" by ClariS. I've liked all the opening songs ClariS has made, and this is no exception.


#5 - Black Bullet

I'll admit, seeing this opening for the first time was part of the reason the first episode of Black Bullet gave me such strong Attack on Titan vibes, and it is easy to see why. The chanting, the blood stained white text. But that's about where the similarities end. This opening just slams the viewer with a bunch of different visual tricks. From film grain to distorted images. While this opening does the weakest job of cluing you in to what the series is about, it still hits all the major points. There's giant man eating insects, a bunch of super powered lolis, and the main character uses a gun to fire the titular black bullets. And despite giving a few AoT vibes, the song "black bullet" by fripSide is still awesome and gets me in the mood for each episode.


#4 - Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara (If Her Flag Breaks)

Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara Sub Español by ecchi051

Now this is a really creative opening. Taking the "flag" aspect of the show to heart, this opening is filled with an army of flags that pop up from every which way. This opening is also just extremely cute. Even the song "Cupid Reviews" by Aoi Yuki is a cute song, and it isn't the typical kind of anime opening theme, either.


#3 - Brynhildr in the Darkness

This opening is just flat out creepy. The mixture of orchestral music with dubstep-esque sounds and a haunting choir in the background just sends chills down my spine. And then there's the visuals. The sequence where we see the witches bleeding with a healthy world around them and healthy with a damaged world around them is a visual that will stick with me for a while. On top of that I love what this opening does with its credits. If you might remember from my article last season creativity with credits gets some major brownie points with me. I love the stylized rainbow text this opening uses for its credits.


#2 - The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior

Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou OP by Sackhaarnetz

I just absolutely love this opening. I love the visual of the characters framed in cards, I love Ritsu walking around absorbed in reading, I love the lines of text raining down from the sky, and I love the little detail of Usa holding an umbrella over Ritsu and lines of text bounce off of it. But what I love most of all is Ritsu changing into different outfits representing different books she has read. Lastly I just adore the song "Itsuka no, Iku Tsuka no Kimi to no Sekai" by Fhana.


#1 - No Game No Life

The only opening I like more than Kawai Complex's is this one. I love all of the chess imagery, the variety of colors, and the focus on other game items. This opening makes it clear the series is about a fantasy world with a focus on games. Lastly the song "This Game" by Konomi Suzuki is a very addicting song to me and makes me excited for each episode.


So those are my 10 favorites, now time for the openings that I really liked, but for various reasons couldn't include them on the list.

Honorable Mentions

Daimidaler - This was going to be part of the list, actually. I really enjoy this opening. It is just so much an old school mecha opening and it is glorious. The problem is, I can't find the censored version of the opening anywhere, and would rather not post an opening with full on nudity here.


Mekakucity Actors - This is a beautiful looking opening with a great song, the problem is this opening makes so little sense to me. Granted that perfectly mirrors the show itself, cause the show makes so little sense at times.

Mushi-Shi Zoku Shou - The song in this opening is just so beautiful and peaceful. It perfectly fits this show. The problem is it is so hard to judge this opening otherwise, because the visuals are just rain falling.


Nobunaga the Fool - The second opening for this show is really interesting, as it is very operatic, and also very war-themed.

The Irregular at Magical High School - The song in this opening is really good, and the visuals suffice, but lack anything really memorable.


And there you have it, all of the openings I really like this season. Like always, please be more than welcome to leave your thoughts on what I picked or even what are some of your favorites this season are in the comments section. And of course keep on the lookout for my Top 10 Spring 2014 Anime Endings in the future.

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