As I promised yesterday, this is the sequel article to my article for my personal Top 10 Winter 2014 Anime Openings. Just like yesterday's article, my picks today are only the new endings for this season and are further limited to only those attached to the shows I am watching. Unlike yesterday, I don't have a multitude of criteria used to separate my choices or to even quantify what is a "good" ending. The way I see it, the only thing a good anime ending has to do is keep my attention. It has to make me willingly want to watch the end credits, instead of skipping to the post-credits material like episode stingers and next episode previews. This can be accomplished in several different ways, though, and I honestly never know when an ending will capture my attention. So with that in mind, here are my 10 favorite endings from the Winter 2014 anime season, and like yesterday, bear with me on the quality of these videos.

#10 - Love, Chunibyo, and Other Delusions! REN

That's right, both of my lists are started off with Love, Chunibyo, and Other Delusions! REN. There isn't really much to say about this ending. It's a cute ending, especially the beginning part with the four girls taking turns to dance a little. It takes a little bit of an odd turn during the middle when all of them are naked with some convenient censoring, but it picks itself up rather quickly after that bit. On top of that the song, "Van!shment Th!s World" by Black Raison d'etre, which is composed of the four voice actresses who voice the girls in this ending (this includes Sumire Uesaka, for those of you who want to hear her sing some more after seeing that....interesting video Luke posted on the main site yesterday), is also a pretty good song.


#9 - Kill la Kill

This is a nice, cute, calming ending that is GREATLY appreciated at the end of the recent Kill la Kill episodes. It is the palate cleanser we need. The song "Shin Sekai Kokyogaku" by Sayonara Ponytail is the right kind of song to use in this ending. And the visuals? Simply hilarious to me. I like to think that this is either what Mako sees all the time, or what the inside of her mind is like. Either way, this ending runs on Mako Logic, and has the same effect on me that Mako has on Ryuko.


#8 - Sakura Trick

This is just pure cuteness. Almost too cute for me to handle. Almost. Unlike the opening theme to Sakura Trick, which is sung by the voice actresses for the six lead characters, the ending's song, "Kiss (and) Love" is only sung by Haruka Tomatsu and Yuka Iguchi, the voice actresses for Haruka and Yuu, respectively. And that's really all I can say, it is an ending with cute chibi lesbians and has a cute song. It's cute.


#7 - Engaged to the Unidentified

If Sakura Trick's ending is pure cuteness, then Engaged to the Unidentified's ending is pure cuteness times infinity. Primarily because of the army of Mashiro clones. Mashiro is the pound for pound cutest anime character this season, so having even more of her makes things even better! I also like the little touch of Hakuya in the background playing a tree. And then there is the song, "Masshiro World" by Mikakuning! that perfectly describes some of Mashiro's, Kobeni's, and Benio's personalities.


#6 - Nobunaga the Fool

And now to take a break from the "cute" endings we shift over to.....dubstep. Yes folks, dubstep. "Axis" by Stereo Dive Foundation is honestly the first anime opening or ending theme I have heard to use dubstep. I'm sure other themes have used it, but this is my first experience of it. And honestly it works great, especially with this show. On top of that, this ending has some pretty cool looking wallpaper-worthy visuals.


#5 - Soni-Ani: Super Sonico the Animation Ending #6

Super Sonico is one of those uncommon anime that changes its ending every episode, and up to now, every ending has kept my attention, so I knew I wanted to include this show on my list, but didn't know how to handle it. So I just decided to use my favorite of the Super Sonico endings, and went with the ending for episode 6, which was a zombie parody episode. This ending is a send up to horror films/media, and considering that is my favorite genre in, well, everything, that made this ending stand out more. The song is "Nightmare Buster" by First Astronomical Velocity, which is Super Sonico's band. The real treat, though, is the animation in this ending. Not only does it give a nod towards Evil Dead/Lollipop Chainsaw by having Sonico wield a chainsaw and mowing down waves of zombies, Sonico does the fucking Thriller dance. THRILLER! THRILLER!!! That alone gives it major points in my book.


#4 - Samurai Flamenco

And now for something...odd. I really don't know why I like this ending. It is weirdly cute with the paper doll versions of Mineral Miracle Muse dancing, but it is also a bit calming seeing the real versions of MMM just sitting there chatting. I guess I like this ending so much because it is just so calming and means I survived another episode of Samurai Flamenco. Whatever the reason, the song "Flight 23-ji" by Mineral Miracle Muse is a pretty good one. Interesting fact, Haruka Tomatsu voices the lead singer of MMM, so this makes it the second ending on this list she's sung.


#3 - Tonari no Seki-kun

From the moment I first saw this ending, I knew it would be one of my favorites of the season. I love jazz music, so the song "Set Them Free" by Akira Jimbo grabs my attention alone. I also really like the animation here, seeing Seki-kun turn mundane objects into a jazz drumset is nice. I also like seeing Yokoi slowly get into the rhythm of the song, culminating in her happily bobbing her head side to side, before catching herself in the act.


#2 - Silver Spoon Season 2

I love how the show actively builds up to this ending each episode. In the final seconds of the episode before this ending begins, they build up to the start of this ending with some rhythmic clapping, and it leads into this ending perfectly. It fits so well that I really wanted to use a video that included the build up to this ending to give you the full impact of this ending, but if you've been watching Silver Spoon Second Season, then you totally get what I am talking about. The song, "Oto no Naru Ho e" by Goose house is a really beautiful song that is somehow both energetic and calming at the same time. I also REALLY love the style used in this ending, particularly the coloring, making it look like it was colored in with color pencils or water color. Much like Noragami's opening from yesterday's article, I would truly love to see an entire anime colored this way.


#1 - Witch Craft Works

Of course this ending was my favorite of the season. What else could it have been? I mean no other ending in this list comes even close to touching this. While all the other endings listed here keeps me watching the entire length of the episode, this is the only one that I actively can't wait for the episode to end to see. And let me put this in perspective, Witch Craft Works is one of my five favorite shows this season that isn't a continuation from the Fall 2013 season, and this ending makes me wait with anticipation for each episode to end. That's how much I love this ending, to the point that I want one of my favorite shows to hurry up and freaking end! It is just so damn adorable and addictive. WHY is it so damn adorable?! It is an ending about chibi versions of Magical Team Rocket (my nickname for the five of them, because they are comic relief "bad guys" that constantly get their asses kicked by the main characters and one of them is a talking cat(girl)) getting tortured! Yet it is so damn cute! Is it because they are so cheery and upbeat even whilst being put in extreme pain? And then there is the head bobbing. I shit you not, every time I watch this ending, my head bobs in sync with their heads. And then there is the song, "Witch Activity" by KMM-dan, the real name of Magical Team Rocket. It is just such an ear worm that I can't get it out of my head.


Honorable Mentions

I realize now that I probably should have included this with in my Top 10 Openings article as well, but oh well. Hindsight and all that. :P

- Ace of the Diamond: I like how this ending focuses on the really cute team managers for Seidou, and seeing them in baseball equipment is great, too.


- Wooser's Hand-to-Mouth Life: Awakening Arc: It is just a nice song you can dance to. Not....that...I've danced to siree.....>_>

So, those are my 10 favorite endings for the Winter 2014 season. As always, feel free to talk about some of your favorites that I might have left off and/or talk about what you think of my choices.