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Alright folks, it looks like Konami isn’t quite done with the world of Metal Gear, even though Kojima has left and is starting his own independent studio to work with Sony.

They listed the job posting on their company website stating that they are “now recruiting a wide range of highly-skilled game development professionals who wish to work with us on the creation of “NEW METAL GEAR”.


I’m a bit skeptical. This could be one of a few things. Maybe they’re looking to have a team work on some DLC regarding MGSV? It could also be a plan for a full-blown Metal Gear Solid 6. More than likely, though, it’s going to be some silly handheld pay-to-win game that Konami has become so enamored with as of late.

Either way, MGSV doesn’t look like it will be the last bit of Metal Gear that we see out of Konami.

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