They already got my heart and mind many years ago. And looks like September will bring another addition to the growing DS/3DS support of pocket synthesisers. Say hello to the KORG DSN-12.

Here is what it will be:

KORG DSN-12 Main Specifications

Product Name:KORG DSN-12

Product Summary:The analogue synthesizer software for Nintendo 3DS Downloads (only available on Nintendo eShop)

- Contains 12 virtual analog monophonic synthesizers

- Up to 64 sequence steps

- Freely place sequences in up to 64 patterns

- Pattern Program mode lets you chain patterns in up to 99 scenes; muting can also be programmed for each track

- Three effects are provided; choose from delay, chorus, flanger, compressor, kick, and reverb

- Local communication allows users to exchange song data and sound data- The world's first* 3D display oscilloscope screen; Wave and Lissajous modes are provided (* For Nintendo 3D software as of September 2014)

You can find more info at the conveniently English page in the product description over at KORG.