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“What does assuming the title of Darth Traya” mean to Kreia? She wouldn’t use the title of Darth for no purpose, I understand she first tried to pass the title off to Atris, and assumed the title in her failure. But there has to be a large impact behind her re-assuming that identity, that specific name. Was she trying to make the Exile hostile to her by naming herself Darth again?”

These were the questions that a viewer of my humble YouTube channel sent me via email. I adore getting these kinds of emails because I don’t have the answers on the spot. So after I gave it some thought, I gave my view on it.

Kreia had the title of Darth Traya before in the past, and a title is nothing more than a name that quickly explains a function. Saying that she was shifting the title over to Atris is shorthand to explain that she will take on its role, its function.


When Kreia was playing mind games with Mical, the disciple, she kept calling him “Jedi”. From the outside looking in, you might say that he’s not a Jedi, at least not officially. But psychologically he essentially is a Jedi. He thinks likes a Jedi. He speaks, makes decisions, and fights, like a Jedi. For all intents and purposes he is a Jedi. Revan went to Kreia to learn how he could leave the Jedi. Anyone can just walk away from something, but it can be a herculean task to abandon a mindset.

People have become disillusioned by politicians because they claim to be one thing but then function like something else. They renege on promises they made to the public without justification, or worse, they go and do the exact opposite of what they said they would. So it can’t come as a surprise that, to many people, the word ‘Politician’ has become synonymous with liar, or someone who seeks power for power’s sake.

Countries as a whole often adhere to the same hypocrisy. Countries can label themselves with words like: Democracy, Socialist, Republic, etc. But can then function as a plutocracy, establish apartheid policies, or devolve into a totalitarian police state. But simply having the title seems to be the only shield they need.

Kreia mentions that without betrayal, there is no hope and she’s right. The same goes for pain, and hunger, and all other “negative” emotions and actions, but betrayal specifically. Even in real life, humanity’s oldest stories contain betrayals that ultimately translated into success that otherwise wouldn’t have. Take the story of Jesus Christ as an example. The story goes that one of Christ’s apostles, Judas Iscariot, betrayed him to the Romans for 30 pieces of silver. If Judas had never betrayed him, then according to scripture, Jesus never would have been able to die for the sins of humanity.


We may call these emotions and actions evil, as we should, but when you think about it, evil is necessary. Evil informs good; how could we determine what is good without evil, and vice versa? If you really want to get into a discussion that will never end, bring up how, “what is evil”, is subjective. If you’ve ever been in such a discussion, then you know what I’m talking about. It can eventually go into territory of: “Well what if I kill you right now? That would be an evil act, yes? Well what if I kill you because you were about to kill someone else?” and you just continue to go down the rabbit hole from there.

To Kreia, re-assuming the name of Darth Traya isn’t as important to her as its function. She told the exile earlier that if any one of the sith triumvirate remain, the galaxy is doomed. I think it was always her plan to make Atris assume the title so that the Exile would kill, or otherwise defeat her. She had to go, otherwise she would have effectively turned the Jedi into the Sith. Because to Atris, the world is black and white, and at that point she wasn’t worried about function, only titles. To her, the mere title of Jedi means that you are by definition, good, and in the right. You’re Jedi which means that you always have the moral high ground. Such a belief is, of course, absurd. Even Jedi can commit atrocities.


HK-47 calls the Jedi psuedo-pacifists, because Jedi do indeed kill, despite their preaching of peace. You could say: “Well they do it in self defense, or to defend others, ect.” And you’d, mostly, be right. But, just because you’re doing something for the right reasons, doesn’t make it good. You could be right to do it, but it doesn’t automatically make it a positive.


Take the military for example. I think we can all agree that violence is not a good thing, but it can be used for good. The military kills people. Whether they’re being used defensively or offensively. In order to achieve their goal, more often than not, people are going to end up dead. They are essentially doing the wrong thing, but for the right reasons. Or at least I hope so. I like to think that the world has progressed past wars of conquest, but you know how humans are.

Once Atris was dealt with, Kreia turned to the dark side. I can’t say that she “fell” to the dark side, because that would imply a level of it being unintentional. After spending the entire journey, keeping herself centered, it was time to enact the next step in her plan and intentionally embrace the dark side, just like she believed Revan had once done.

When speaking of someone of such seemingly high control. It might be the case that Kreia could have just as easily embraced the light side of the force. But her plan didn’t call for that. My viewer asked: “Was she trying to make the Exile hostile to her by naming herself Darth again?” The answer is: “In a way, Yes. She was covering her bases.”


With her re-assuming the function of Darth Traya, she was going to get everything she wanted. She had set up a scenario where, no matter what, the exile was going to confront her at Malachor. As the lord of betrayal, she would orchestrate betrayals and manipulate the galaxy into darkness. Because of that, a light side exile would be compelled to stop her. A balanced exile, who might not care about that, would go after her because of the force bond. And a dark side exile would go after her for revenge.

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