So, you might be asking where the hell I’ve been. probably not. I was at Zenkaikon this weekend, and all things considered it was a really good time most of the time. Here’s a little diary of my experience as a whole.

Good cosplay is NOT for lazy people

I say good cosplay, because a lot of people were content just messily painting their face, throwing on a blue hoodie and calling it a Sans. I would argue that my Sans was far from perfect (upon close inspection, it really does have some glaring flaws: It’s kinda rough, and the proportions of the jaw to the top of the skull is off. I was hardly the best Sans, but I put as much effort into it as my month-long stretch could afford and it paid off pretty well, also, above pictures were from the last day which was windy and cold as hell. I have other pictures of true sans (IE: No trenchcoat) coming.)

I started out looking at several tutorials on a Sans mask (Yes, I used aide, it was my first cosplay after all) and after some research I decided paper mache was the way to go.

Paper Mache is easily the messiest way to make a mask, and is not for the impatient. Funnily enough, I wasn’t even going to do Gaster but it was a stroke of inspiration after seeing a mache piece that was to be discarded looking relatively mask size.


It took from start to finish, about a month to make Sans’ mask. I used white nylon jeweler’s gloves to finish off the look. It was lucky that the two were pretty similar, so it was easy to switch between them.

As you can see, it turned out fairly well. Arguably better than sans, though a touch low-rent.


The Actual Con

The last week or so, I’ve run on almost no sleep. roughly 2 hours the night before, about 1 1/2 the day of, and so on. Surprisingly, despite a few short naps needed in a remote place (They come with free wakeup calls after about half an hour) I was mostly awake and aware through the entire con.

The first two or three hours in were rough, considering the LED setup wasn’t operating properly. I don’t recommend working with LED’s your first time out, unless they’re super simple, you have prior experience, or a knowledgeable person on hand. I had the latter, at least in on-site cosplay repair. It took at least a good hour fiddling with all possible outlets, and it wound up being an unsecured connection being the problem.


Sans might be smiling, I was not.


Again, as it was my first con, though not my first time wearing a mask, I was properly stubborn. Sans was very hard to see with, as I wear glasses, it was almost the perfect storm between that, using a fabric that was not reaaally meant for looking out of. Visibility was bad at best, and foggy and impossible at its worst. This was made worse by the lack of being able to comfortably breathe through airholes. Take it from me, you get a lot more attention being the character rather than being some guy constantly taking your mask on and off.


Gaster was as I said before, an unexpected blessing. Most Cosplayers either do one really great costume, or two decent costume. Some do 3, I was glad I had a second.

Easy to breathe, much better sight, though that doesn’t mean i didn’t walk around without it for regular sight. I’d say my day as Gaster wound up with a bunch more pictures, at least from being able to walk around with it on. A lot of people liked the creepy, down to basics look of the costume. I can do creepy pretty easily. Lots of good pictures to be had here.



Off cosplay, There’s a lot of important details to always consider

1. How are you getting around.

Seriously, you do nothing if not walk everywhere in a con. I must’ve walked the equivalent of 15 miles per day, not counting the dances. Make sure your hotel is within easy walking distance.


2. Make sure you have a common spot for meetups as well as check-in times.

As much as common sense would dictate, it’s easy to ignore this simple rule of thumb. USB backups might exist, but Phone batteries still die, and it’s easy to be oblivious to an important call in a noisy con environment. Make sure, if for anything else, to set up this easy failsafe. Keep tabs on your friends, especially those not of age.

3. Make time for your friends.

As much as I hung out with my friends, I would’ve liked to hang a bit longer as I was in a foreign place, with not a whole lot of knowledge. As a semi-introvert, I don’t go actively seeking conversations with strangers, It got a bit lonely. Exploration’s fun, but doing it with company’s always welcome. At least with me.


4. Make it a point to get some rest.

A quick nap, whatever. Get some sleep. I spent the last few hours of Z-Con asleep in the car. This was not what I wanted, but what my body physically needed. Red bull/Monster/coffee can only take you so far.

5. Plan as much as you can, don’t procrastinate, but don’t make it your only thing.


It’s easy to focus on something fun, but don’t turn it into an obsession. I felt like some things suffered because of it, but I still had a good time. Make sure you plan as a group, if you’re going in a group.

So, as a conclusion, I think i’m hooked. I’ve already made alpha plans to go to Otakon with friends.



My Favorite, taken on Day 1.

Believe it or not, Sans actually had functioning pupils. kind of.


Kanaya from Homestuck and Mika from SFV :3

More homestuck, and there was plenty to be had. Not a dead fandom, people


Is this a good picture or not? Hell if I know.

You’re bad, and you should feel bad D:<


Despite my powers, I knew Undyne was one bad joke away from kicking my ass.

Bayonetta! Smash fans beware >:3


I creep on ALL the frisks!

Mettaton! :swoons:


Sans doing his best to keep up with Frankie :3

Don’t mess with Tauriel D:<


Amethyst and Peridot :D

Sans, Gaster, Napstablook.