Hey, there’s a Deadpool movie. I did the thing and watched it. Here’s my thoughts if you were on the fence about it. Some very mild spoilers follow.

It’s an origin story (Duh), So expect lots and lots of exposition.

And I mean a lot. They make an admirable effort to start out with a bang (And it does, after a pretty fun scene with a cabbie that was in the xmas trailer) but due to the flashbacks (Meeting up with the love interest, etc.) the movie crawls a bit. I was watching this almost immediately before work, so during these scenes, which seemed to drag on for longer than I really liked, I did end up checking my phone for the time sporadically. Some flashbacks are, indeed, better than others, though the whole romance thing kicks the movie off, so, I guess it’s a necessity. The climax ending is caused by a damsel in distress thing, which this flick could’ve done without.

It’s fuckin’ funny.

I mean, really fuckin’ funny. The zippy one liners, references, and sight gags are almost wall-to-wall here. It’s goofy in all the right areas, but plenty raunchy all the same (Those easily offended need not apply here. It’s not for you. Definitely not for kids either.) and all the same, it’s not the kind of super-vulgar gross-out humor of something you’d find out of a chuck lorre cbs fare either. It’s well crafted enough for me personally to go, wow, that’s kinda gross, but really funny. Big points for sticking to the source material, but ramping up slightly for the R rating.


The action is the second best thing in this movie, though it’s very close.

It’s one of those movies that surpasses A Tarentino movie in terms of bloodshed, but at the same time, wraps it in a slick presentation, keeps it quick, fluid and fun. I almost wish there was a touch more swordplay here, but I know we’re gonna get that with the sequel (I hope anyway)


Colossus and Negasonic almost steal the show in parts

Negasonic is one of those c-lister heroines that you’d imagine would never get a mention in a comic book flick, but man, I’m glad they included her. While she kinda fits the old trope of grumpy outcast teenage girl, there’s a lot to like in Brianna Hildebrand. Her banter with Reynolds is entertaining. You get the idea that if Colossus wasn’t around, she’d be wracking up just as many corpses as Wade. Colossus, is of course, the straight man in this comedic affair. The CGI modelling of the character takes a bit of getting used to, but even he has some pretty shining moments.


Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool, just as Robert Downey Jr. is Iron man.

That’s all there is to this. The way he basically channels the comic book and brings it to life is something I haven’t seen since the first time RDJ donned the iron man suit. I root for Reynolds as the only thing to make the character work, and I saw it way back in the dismal mess of Wolverine origins.



All in all, it’s worth the price of admission. It sets us up for the sequel we knew we were gonna get (And hey, crazy Deadpool/Cable adventures!) and hopefully it leads to (God willing) a couple of cameos in X-men/MCU or maybe (and i’m really reaching here) just maybe, a feature Deadpool/Spiderman adventure (please?)


4 tiny black cats out of 5