It’s here. And episode one is the DB slice of life you didn’t know you wanted.

It starts out with Goku working a tractor. Goten comes, brings him some lunch, some pretty simple stuff.

Of course, Goku gets Goten to do his work for him while he eats


Goku stuffs himself. Goten gets in trouble while Goku does some Super Saiyan stuff. Goku to the rescue.

Later, Goten and Trunks decide to get Videl a wedding present, Jewelry store shenanigans.


Goten and Trunks fight a snake in a nod to the original DB’s Goku vs. Natural predators thang.

Goten and Trunks present Videl with spring water “make-up”. Cute stuff.

While that’s going on, Mr. Satan gets a peace prize which Boo interrupts. Boo seems much more irritable with Satan than before.


Hercule stops off at Goku’s, Gives Goku a million zeni as thanks for keeping up the charade.

Chichi’s happy


Random Roshi moment ensues

Cut to Kibito-Kai sensing danger


All in all, a nice little prelude to the action and ass-kicking the series is known for. Unsurprisingly, Vegeta’s nowhere to be seen. Out of a possible 5 this gets

4 tiny black cats. I’d recommend watching it.