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Kuroneko Review - One Punch Man Ep. 1

One of the biggest comparisons between American Comics/Cartoons and Japanese Manga/Anime is Dragonball’s Goku and Superman’s ... well, titular character. This is probably the biggest argument on the internet ever. Well I’m here to say, No. Goku is not Japan’s superman (Despite how much I’d like that to be true.) Instead, we’ve finally got a japanese equivalent to America’s OP hero. Maybe.


In the opening episode, it’s pretty quickly established why he’s called One-punch man. He punches a guy, they explode in a fairly over the top, gory fashion. You might say, “Hey, that’s pretty boring” and i’m here to tell you, that’s kind of the point. Look at superman. In a rich superhero tapestry, superman’s more or less the blank canvas that kickstarted the modern superhero movement. He was the first big one, and I’ve gotta give credit where it’s due. Without dull-as-dishwater supes, we wouldn’t have the rich lexicon we have in comics. I sense some of you pulling away from me, there’s a point here. Japan had a superman equivalent sort of in Goku. Sure, he’s overpowered, but; In a different sense. Dragonball in its three series (DB, Z and Super. No GT nonsense here. You like it, fine. We’re not discussing it.) was about Goku growing up, maturing his powers and overcoming every hardship he had with absolute effort. Superman more or less started out as overpowered. Not that Goku didn’t, but, Supes was already full grown at the start. That’s where we get back to One-punch man. He’s an adult. He’s crazy strong, crazy fast. Just like supes was waaaay back when. The difference here is, instead of being super-serious, it pokes fun at the OP guy is OP trope with humor. One-punch man is pretty much in it for fun, as dictated by his humorous expressions. In the first 5 minutes, he takes on an avatar of Earth. And he kills it. If that doesn’t say something, I dunno what does.


Yeah, but is it good?

Yes, it is. I found myself laughing quite a bit at this bizarre little attempt on a tired thought of “Strongest dude here”. It’s a quirky take on it. It’s not afraid of a little bit of the ol’ ultra-violence. Which is kind of to its credit when comparing it to supes. Superman only kills when he’s turned chaotic for lack of a better term (and goddamn it does he turn a LOT) where as One-punch man sorta does his own thing. And that’s actually pretty cool. He’s very lax, doesn’t take it too seriously. And something as silly as this genre shouldn’t be afraid to make us laugh rather than simply make us think. If superman was half as charming out of the gate, We probably wouldn’t even have this. So, I guess, sure. Thanks superman, for being the vanilla in a world of different flavors. your blandness has inspired many to create more interesting works.


Enough of the Analyzing, should I watch it?


Yes. Yes you should.


4 tiny cats outta 5.

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