The “Last” One Punch Man is here.

Wait, It’s OVER?

Yep. Just a scant 12 weeks into its debut (Though I was lucky to get a peek at the pilot waaaaay early just by chance, and it was just by chance that I watched it before it got pulled too. Aren’t you guys lucky I love to just hear the sound of my own goddamn voice on the internet and threw up a review.) Shameless plugs aside, it’s “over”. And when I mean over, there’s still a lot of existing content and lore to be covered as a show. but before I get ahead of myself, let’s go over the play-by-play of just what the finale covered.


It opens with Saitama and Lord Boros fighting, of course. Visually, it’s a pretty nice treat for the fans.


There’s a little bit of banter between the two, though no big revelations here.


Tornado does her thing on the ground, mainly, be a brat and throws stuff with her mind.

Drive Knight says something odd to Genos. I’ll be going over this later.


Despite Boros’ insane strength, he can’t help but fall into the old villain trope of monologing. Of course, this bores Saitama. More fighting.

Saitama gets kicked to the moon....


And promptly returns in seconds. If anything, this fight really shows us what tremendous punishment Saitama can take, and incredible feats this he’s capable of (Yes, yes, fictional characters)

Of course, there’s only one way this can end.


Boom. And yet...


Boros knows that this wasn’t the height of Saitama’s power. He calls him on it.

Anyway, the ship comes down, and it seems like it’s over. Though not quite it.


Amai Mask shows up, disses the wee S classes, admits Genos is disappointing at being S class (Which, let’s face it, comparatively, he’s got a lot of flash and firepower, but doesn’t seem to do much. It’s something I hope they fix going on, if they do.) Metal Knight shows up, just about the time Saitama finds his way out of the ship. Amai Mask kills a bunch of aliens with a single quick chop. Metal Knight claims the ship for his own devices. There’s a lot of set up here. And at the very end of the episode, Saitama goes back to just being a one-punch killing machine, cursing his good fortune.


Like I said, there’s a lot of ground that needs to be covered to wind up a series that’s just too good for a short run like this. Amai Mask’s creepy turnaround from A Class no-show celebrity to heartless killer of unarmed beings. The warning about Metal Knight. Saitama’s climb to being S Class no. 1, Saitama’s actual full power. Genos coming into his own, even if just a little bit. Speed O’ Sonic’s whereabouts. So much interesting content just waiting to be covered. So is this the end? For now, though we still have the 5 remaining OVA’s. But a show, a manga, hell, even just the original terribly drawn webcomic that has garnered such praise just can’t be done with over the course of, well, a total of 18 shows. I’d really be disappointed if it was, and I dare say i’m hardly the only one with that opinion. As for the verdict on this series? I’m pretty sure it’s obvious, and no amount of tiny cat pictures can match my enthusiasm for the show, week after week. Though, just to keep up appearances


5/5 tiny cats.