Those of us who aren’t constantly in the know when it comes to anime specials (like myself) were treated to 2 one punch man episodes (sort of) this week. Here’s my take on the first of six OVA’s (Original Video Animation for those of you not in the know, but let’s just call ‘em Specials.) Some light spoilers follow, but it’s hard to spoil this series. Saitama’s gonna punch stuff, it’s gonna be funny.

So what’s this all about?

This first one’s a bit of backstory. Not Saitama’s Origin, because that was more or less covered in the first show. No, This is about how he got his costume. It starts out with Saitama as a fledgling Hero (He’s still got hair, not nearly as powerful yet) and looking more like a track runner than a Hero.

See? Anyway, back to the plot. Saitama’s adventures often leave his clothing in need of repair, so we meet the tailor. Of course, the tailor is enamored with heroes, so he does most of his work for Saitama for free. The tailor actually wants to design a suit for Saitama though his first designs... well, of course leave something to be desired.


But all’s not well. Seems the tailor’s got issues with a local “loan agency” (read: Loan Shark) Of course, Saitama springs into action, which is where we get a look into where the monsters of One Punch Man come from. More on that in a bit. So he goes off in search of their apartment where the loan agency is, and of course it’s in his same complex. He himself can’t afford rent, so after hearing about bounties on almost everybody at the complex, he starts a collection of miscreants.

It’s somewhat jarring to see this side, but at the same time, shows that even heroes gotta eat. Either way, it’s amusing. Onto meeting the boss. As opposed to the punch first and who cares about questions approach we’re familiar with, Saitama approaches the boss with a lot of information about overpaying.


Of course, this doesn’t work. Boss guy transforms into Fish of Darkness.


there’s a bit of a scrap, for some reason Fishy mentions he’s got the highest bounty... and then...

He attempts to pay off his landlord with all the bounties. Unfortunately, this blows up in his face, leaving him homeless for the moment. Anyway, the thankful tailor gives him his signature costume, and decides to close down the store anyway, making the whole thing an exercise in futility. C’est La Vie.


As it goes, it’s all wrapped up nicely with Saitama telling this story to Genos, admitting to him


What a great jab at Superman. So that’s it. Not too much to it, thus all the pictures. I’ve been hearing a lot of people not being able to find it as of this writing, so I figured a lot more pictures for those who can’t. After finding out about this, doing a bit more research I found out a bit of sad news. One Punch Man, who essentially set parts of the internet on fire, will only be a 12 episode run plus a total of 6 OVA’s. a total of 18 shows. Man, did that bum me out. Hopefully there will be more (Given the wild success, it’d be like killing the golden goose at this point) But I digress.

Road to Hero’s a great start to the specials, which is a great addition to the show. Wall-to-Wall laughs and plenty of action, though not as explosive as the source material. The only bad news here is the limited number of episodes (At the moment). 5/5 tiny black cats.