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I just got out of seeing Resurrection “F”. Here’s some thoughts. Spoilers Follow

Frieza’s old gang of cronies are still feeling the effects of his absence. No more conquering, pillaging, blowing the shit out of planets as were the good old days for this merry band of misfits. So they decide to find the dragon balls on earth, now that they can’t overtake New Namek. Sorbet, the new leader somehow manages to find the balls on earth with little trouble, thanks to Emperor Pilaf and his little group. How, I dunno. Dragon-ball-ex-machina (Damn you cinemasins.) Anyway, The old tyrant is revived, in handy, wiggly chunklets which they throw into a healing chamber, and shazam, Frieza’s back. Back again. The scary reveal is that Frieza’s never actually trained, and well, he trains for a new transformation (Yep, everything old is new again.) Meanwhile, Vegeta and Goku train with Whis, Whis points out their flaws, kicks their asses in short order, the whole affair is pretty blase. No Super Saiyan action here. Saving up for the big “Reveal”. Also a little bit of wedging in Whis’s ability to turn back time, we’ll get to that in a moment. Slice of life stuff back on earth, Pan’s a thing now, Krillin’s a cop, stuff happens, neat little stuff, but it’s a lot of filler for an action movie. Aaaanyway. Frieza shows, bunch of henchmen. Ass-kickery by the second stringers. And they brought out the oldies. Tien, Krillin, Master Roshi, and of course, Piccolo and Gohan. Lots of fun little battles. It’s nice to see the gang in action. Anyway, Frieza makes short work of Gohan, the strongest of the bunch, Bulma summons Whis and Beerus with food, Goku and Vegeta show up. Fight finally starts. Lots of fun. big explosions, lots of fanfare. Frieza falls flat. As he’s done so many times before. Big power-up, and Golden Frieza. Goku gets beat up a bit, comes back to full strength. Vegeta wants in on the fun. Frieza’s hemorrhaging power, as this is the first time he’s pulled this little trick. Vegeta toys with him just a bit too long, giving Frieza a chance to boom the planet. And he does. Whis pulls his time travel stuff, giving Goku the chance to disperse Frieza with a Kamehameha, and save the day. Evil’s punished, good stuff. Sorta.



It’s a new Dragonball movie. It’s always good to see our favorite over-criticized, over-powered heroes do what they do best. Kick ass all late-like. Seriously, these guys have no sense of time whatsoever. And it’s an appearance by Frieza. Hey, that’s cool. Master Roshi gets some decent screen time, which is always nice to see that yeah, before he was the funny pervert, he was a martial arts legend. Little fights are good, as are the big one.


I can hear the collective groan of the hardcore DBZ fan who’ve dispatched Frieza time after time just shuddering of the bad memories of the 4 hour some odd fight of Z. Lots of people might like frieza, but I am no such person. Watching him get his ass thrown off his high horse for a 3rd (And hopefully final time) was a bittersweet pleasure.


There was very little, if any real danger. You have many many choices in this universe on who could dispatch Frieza in this movie. Gohan, Goku and Vegeta are the obvious standouts. The lackluster “I’m pretty sure I can still go super-saiyan” line by Gohan just goes to show just how much they struggled to add tension to this movie.

There is no Majin Buu here. Goten, Trunks and their fusion, Gotenks are oddly not present in this movie, either. 2 more super powers that should’ve been able to single-handedly thwart this once perilous foe. I feel a little cheated not being able to see Frieza get turned into a golden cookie or be barraged by smart-ass ghost bombs.


The plot holes in this flick make swiss cheese jealous. Seriously, What happened to Dragon Ball wish rules? Wasn’t Frieza turned to dust? It’s been longer than a year since his death, but whatever. It’s a little bit of a cheat, but they really wanted this thing to happen.

Time travel is piss-poor storytelling. That’s all i’m saying.

Whew, that was a lot of super nerdery. That all said, I feel a little bit cheated, especially with Frieza pretty much being able to be one-shotted from the start. Goku and Vegeta do learn a bit about their weaknesses and improve, if only a bit. Goku murders Frieza, and at the end of the day, that’s what we paid money for.




3 Tiny black cats out of 5. Good, Not great. Don’t pay lots of money or lots of mind to the plotholes. It’s fanservice, which every DBZ movie should be. Now if only we could work on DB Super not being a direct episodic chunk-by-chunk of Battle of the Gods..

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