Goddamn it, I told myself I wouldn’t do this, I promised myself I wouldn’t start essentially fangirling (despite being a dude) over a game that’s over 5 months old. I’m here to say, I can’t not write this review.

So what’s this all about?

For those of you, not in the know about indie games (I, obviously am not.) undertale was one of those kickstarters that actually delivered, and pretty much something I heard about from word of mouth. I’m normally, not one for pc games (Crappy laptop), nor indies (Meh), nor even old school RPGs (kinda, but not up there on my list) So, you may be asking, why the fuck are you writing this? Why’d you even bother? The short answer is, A number of highly respected sources, both online and in real life, stressing me bad to play this game. I was given some mild, pretty mild spoilers (Which I won’t go into here, but nothing that wholly wrecked my playthrough) and eventually, out of procrastination for my classwork, downloaded the demo first, then immediately bought it, and kept it up for a total of 3 days straight.



Seriously, the writing is snappy, funny, dark at points, and makes you think and feel for the characters. The music is a combination of 8-bit chirps and beeps and traditional instruments. It’s pretty great, and captures the moments extremely well. The story is the thing that will really pop to all of you like me, who love a good story.

It’s got multiple endings, but I can’t. I just can’t.

My original playthrough was the true pacifist route (Think in the sense of best outcome)


After this, I can’t bring myself to be evil and destructive, at the hell all. That’s how into the whole thing I am. I played maybe 5 minutes before going, I can’t and closing it down. If you’re the type to be sucked in, try going evil for your first run (Retracted at the request of commenters), ‘cause by the end, the game does a damn good job of really sinking the feels in. and yes, that’s a plus. it screws up replayability, but just acts as a testament to how good the first run was.



The game will actively goad you into fighting rather than letting you go about your business. Not attacking things is nigh impossible as you progress. There’s a particular spider level that actually had me take a few swings to try to just end the fight, though, at that point, wasn’t really an option. You’re going to die a lot during that particular route, though I hear every route is equally difficult in spots. This makes beating the system, the way of things so much more satisfying.

The music

If this is your speed, you’re in for a treat. If not, it’s one of those things you find yourself eventually tapping along to the beat. My phone’s been packed with undertale tracks recently, and it really was one of those things that I personally needed to adjust to before going “Oh god, it’s so good.”



Graphics aren’t inherently great, at first. It’s the usual retro charm, but you get into visual effects which really pop. Combat’s almost entirely in black and white, which was a little bit of letdown, but at the same time, worked. It wasn’t jarring, just sort of fit the black and white theme of the combat. it’s one of those things that almost hurt the game (slightly) but it’s indie. what’re you gonna do?



Seriously, I can’t talk a lot about it. I wouldn’t recommend reading comments just because lots of people who played it are going to talk about it. Play it. you won’t regret this purchase. I promise.


Too many tiny black cats/5