I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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La Belle Sauvage is the latest book by author Philip Pullman, it was released in October of 2017. Pullman is famous for the His Dark Materials trilogy and La Belle Sauvage is the first of a new trilogy, titled The Book of Dust, that takes place in the same world and builds on the same story.


La Belle Sauvage is technically a prequel but it’s more of an expansion of the world and the events leading up to His Dark Materials. In this book we follow a young small town boy named Malcolm who gets wrapped up in a plot to harm a baby that will become the protagonist of the His Dark Materials trilogy. Malcolm’s passion for what is right and refusal to bow down to what is wrong continues the incredible moral themes presented by Pullman in the prior trilogy.

17 years after His Dark Materials ended its clear Pullman has spent time and effort crafting his phenomenal return. If you haven’t read the original trilogy - you’re missing out. I consider His Dark Materials to be some of the greatest and most brilliant fantasy of all time. Its critique of organized religion is complex, thoughtful, and is incredibly relevant in the world today as it not only presents a critique but ultimately an answer of a healthier way to view life, death, and existence. All that passion is still there in La Belle Sauvage and its exciting to see a story revisited done right.

In a world where reboots, revisits, remasters, remakes, etc. are oversaturating every part of media with mostly mediocre or even terrible results, to see an author revisit his work, stay true to it, and produce something on par with his original writing is incredible. It can actually be done and La Belle Sauvage is proof of that.

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