I'm really feeling it!

Lady Link?

I'm a little late to the party, but we almost had a Link whose skirt tunic actually made sense!


There were plans at some point in time for a female link (or "little sister-like" to link) popping up in Hyrule Warriors, but it seems that she didn't make the cut. :/

I'd like to blame the lady link E3 backlash, but it's more likely that this was a decision from a while before then. You know what? It's fine. Hyrule Warrior has a more than adequate showing from it's female cast of playable characters, and they all kick butt. Impa, Zelda/Shiek, Agitha, Lana, Midna and Ruto clearly wreck shop in the teaser videos that have been released so far.


I'd love to see Linkle pop up somewhere else in the series. Or, you know, be a playable character, but just the fact that she exists in some form is a step forward.


Someday, lady link, someday…

In any event, I am crazy excited for September 26th!

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