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Laid-Back Camp Closes Each Episode with an ED Worth a Warm Smile

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Sometimes the occasion calls for the heart-wringing, the spine-straightening intense, the submersion into deep thought, the insanely awesome, the uproariously hilarious, and so on and so forth. Other times, though, simply need a sweet and relaxed excursion into wintertime camping and tasty foods.


I marathonned Laid-Back Camp in about a half week after it had finished airing, largely from the good word of Kotaku’s head anime voice Cecilia D’Anastasio; it left me happy and contented. Given how discombobulated life can make things feel, a show where a bunch of girls just gently partake in the challenge of making their own comfort amidst the cold outdoors proved to be a good thing to have.

It’s also got such a lovely tune for an ending theme.

Laid-Back Camp/Yuru Camp△
Eri Sasaki
“Fuyu Biyori”/“Winter Weather”

Something that majorly resembles a campfire song may be the almost-too-obvious choice for capping off episodes of a series about camping. But Laid-Back Camp leans so much into the slice-of-life with serenely gorgeous scenery angle—this is one of the most joyfully sedate shows I’ve seen in recent memory—that it wholly earns the right to its choice of music.


One of my favorite feelings in the world is being warm among the cold. It’s me, as a kid, bundled up in a coat, hat, and gloves, sledding down a snowy slope bordering a frozen river, and then when coming back up to rest for a moment, enjoying a cup of hot chocolate from the thermos.

“Fuyu Biyori” nails what that feels like in a song. The ample space between the music envelops the atmosphere like a blanket of chilly air. In turn, the light guitars, the pattering of the drums, Eri Sasaki’s soft singing—they all peacefully delight like patches of higher heat that resist the cold. Just lean in, and you can melt some of your troubles away for a little while.


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