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My two greatest passions in life have always been video games and music, in that order. The wonder twins have activated their power and the planeteers have combined theirs. Last Day of June is an upcoming game inspired by the music of my favorite musical artist, Steven Wilson.

Steven Wilson made the announcement on his facebook page on may 30th with the following:


Ovosonico are the makers of Murasaki Baby. A side scrolling puzzle platformer released for the Playstation Vita. I had never heard of Murasaki Baby before now. Last Day of June will be the developer’s second game.

Here you see the video of the song Drive Home, created by Jess Cope. A haunting piece of film making that tells the story of a man coping with the loss of his beloved after a car accident. It seems the player will be able to make choices throughout the course of the game that will alter the story.

I’m very curious to see how much the story can be altered. In the description of the game’s trailer, the goal will be to find the right sequence of events that will save the day and June’s (the girl’s) life. I imagine a player can also make choices that leads the characters to an even worse fate. Perhaps Carl will never come to terms with his denial and remain imprisoned by his memories for the rest of his days.

I’m also very interested in the game’s soundtrack. Will the score be completely made up of Steven Wilson’s work? Has he produced any original material exclusively for the game? Will it feature any songs from his upcoming album “To The Bone”? Even more interesting will be how the game will use his music throughout the interactive experience. I hope I can play my way to that astounding guitar solo, by guitarist virtuoso Guthrie Govan. It’s the one that starts at the 5:08 mark of the video.


The song used in the trailer is “Harmony Korine”. A song featured on Steven Wilson’s very first solo album, Insurgentes. Drive home is from his third, The Raven That Refused to Sing.

Steven Wilson’s music tends to be very melancholic. I share his belief that the saddest songs are also the most beautiful. Jess Cope has been producing music videos for Steven Wilson since Storm Corrosion, his collaboration work with Opeth front man Mikael Åkerfeldt. She very quickly mastered augmenting the emotional punch of his music.


I wanted to end things with one more of her creations, but I honestly can’t decide between these two. So I have no choice but to embed them both. I highly recommend you check them out. Fare warning, many claim to keep tissues on hand for these films. I hope Last day of June can also do his compositions justice.

The Raven That Refused to sing:


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