Well, first of all, the only reason i do this is because everyone seems to be in that "Last-Gen Hero/Zero" thing.

I don't know where to start with this game, except that it's the very reason why i decide to give most visual novels a try.

When i was a kid, i thought Visual Novels were boring, the years passed and while i became more and more open-minded in the field of videogames, i still didn't feel attraction to this genre, then i see a Kotaku post stating that people who want to play Virtue's Last Reward should play 999 first, since i was bored i thought "Why not?, i mean, what could happen?".

This is what happened, i played one of the best videogames i've even seen in my life.

What is the story?

I'm not gonna tell you!, when i played this, i barely knew anything about it except the most basic premise, and you should too. That way you can have more fun and experience more surprises.


What the heck is a visual novel?

Think of it as a interactive ebook, with images, other games in this genre are Katawa Shoujou (Who a fellow TAYer did an article of btw), Phoenix Wright (I'm making an article about that later), Virtue's Last Reward (The sequel to this game) and Danganronpa (Which got an anime this year).


Indeed, 999 isn't only a visual novel, but also a puzzle game, the puzzles are played in a touch-and-click first person style, and aren't easy, some of them are gonna keep you thinking for a while.


Decisions decisions

999 also features 6 different endings, depending on the decisions you make, not all decisions affect the ending, some will only affect the dialogue at the time, sometimes bringing hilarious results.

Should i play it? YES

Play it, i already did and loved it, actually i'm playing it again later today ^_^.


There are many reasons why 999 is a Last-Gen Hero, but most of those are spoilers, so you're going to have to play the game. Seriously, it's amazing. My Last-Gen Hero.

I know this was shorter than other "Last-Gen Hero" articles, but like i said, if i told you all the amazing things about this game then i would be spoiling you a lot.

Good luck!