I'm really feeling it!

Wait, we're still doing this Last-Gen Heroes and Zeroes thing, right? It's over now? Screw it, I'm posting this. It must be done. We must right this wrong!

It's fitting to post this today. On the day when the next generation of the PlayStation comes out, I have fallen into retrospect. I have started thinking of the past of the PS3. Thinking of the amazing games. The DLC.


The commercials.

No, we're not here to talk about Micheal.

Although it was one of my favorite commercials ever.

We're here to talk about the fallen hero of PlayStation: Kevin Butler.

Didn't see that coming, did you?

That's right. We're here to remember Kevin Butler and how amazing he was. What started out with a commercial, took a life of it's own. Jerry Lambert (Butler's real name...I know...it wasn't Butler...weird, right?) started the Kevin Butler persona in 2009 with a commercial about MLB 09 The Show. Who remembers that game? No one, but you sure as hell remembered Kevin Butler. (Please forgive me if you like MLB 09 The Show.)

After came countless commercials and a hysterical Twitter account. Butler even appeared at E3, which (let's face it) was the only reason to watch. (*Not an actual fact.) Oh, and there is that little matter of The Kevin Butler Sandwich.

Not only was Kevin Butler a great personality, he talked about all those games we had to have (probably because he was talking about them*). From Uncharted to Ratchet and Clank to Little Big Planet, Kevin covered them all. Not only did he entertain and educate us, as gamers, but everyone else as well. He got people talking about the PlayStation brand. He became the spokesperson people talked about.


I won't go into how Sony made us eventually abandon Kevin Butler, or the fact that they sued him. I won't tarnish this post with that. I'll just leave you with some of the greatest commercials ever made starring everyone's favorite Sony spokesman, Kevin Butler.

Ugh...that whiny woman is now on one of my daughter's shows...where she is still whiny.

So to the VP of Family Showdowns/Epic Footage/Still Got It/Guest Characters/Soiling Oneself in Excitement (really?)/Shaking What His Mother Gave Him/ect...We salute you!


Now post your own favorite Kevin Butler things! Let's honor this Last-Gen Hero.

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