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Last-Gen Heroes: The Vault Hunters

It all started with a song. A song and an art style.

That first Borderlands commercial sold me on the game. I knew at that moment I was watching something special.


And then I promptly forgot about it.

Let's face it. We've all let great games fade away in our minds. Or picked up something else instead. But sometimes we have a friend to tell us what we are missing. And thank goodness for the friend that reminded me that Borderlands is one of the most amazing series out there.

That little reminder started a now three year love affair.

History Lesson!

Borderlands came out on October 20, 2009. Borderlands 2 was released on September 18, 2012. Both games are FPS with a touch of RPG in the form of leveling. Also, LOOT! The games are filled with guns, grenades, shields, and character mods of all types and colors.


There is nothing more satisfying than seeing those little green arrows on something you just picked up.


None of that really explains the draw of Borderlands. Well, the loot is nice, but let's delve a little deeper. Or not so deep.

It's fun!

Simply, Borderlands is a ton of fun. The characters, the NPCs, and even the mission descriptions are all filled with one-liners and hilarious dialogue.


Best character to make you laugh- Scooter

  • Lucky's an old buddy of mine - and by old buddy I mean asshole that ruined my momma's girl parts. Sounds like he's in trouble so you go on ahead and try and keep him alive long enough so I can kill him at a later occasion. -Said at almost the beginning of Borderlands.
  • Just a quick note about Moxxi in the event you ain't met her. She's got a peculiar streak in 'er. Loves the lime light, but she ain't as sketchy as she appears to be on stage. ... Oh, almost forgot, she's my Mom. So you treat her right or I'll bury you where I buried Lucky. Yeah, I killed him, don't act all surprised. I told you I was gonna do it. -Said in one of the DLCs that came out months after the game was released.

A Vast World

Borderlands takes place on the planet Pandora, and while most of the first game had you exploring the vast deserts, the second threw in many types of environments. My favorite map from either game is probably Opportunity.


Just look at all that glass and awesomeness.

Opportunity is a city in the second game that Handsome Jack, the villain, basically built to honor himself and all the wonderful things he has done. Only most of those things are things you accomplished in the first game that Jack is taking credit for.


I just love Opportunity for the fact that it is the complete opposite of most of the areas in the first game. It's a big sprawling city, filled with robots to kill and giant Handsome Jack statues to destroy.

Co-Op and Characters

Another feature about Borderlands that you don't find in near enough games is local co-op. Sure, there is the regular over-the-internet co-op, but that's not what made me get the game. It was the fact that I could sit down beside my husband and play along with him. There is no more fun thing for me than sitting there side-by-side yelling at the TV when something bad happens, or yelling at the TV when something good happens. It's not a feeling you get over a wi-fi connection.


But co-op would be nothing without the amazing characters you are playing. Each character has their Action Skill, which is something unique to that character. Whether it be Mordecai's pet bird Bloodwing, who kills in a spectacular display of blood and (if leveled a certain way) money and health, or Maya's Phase Lock, that can heal allies or kill enemies, Action Skills are amazing to use. (With the exception of Brick's Action Skill at higher levels.) It's also good to use those skills in tandem. With Axton and Gaige, and their turret and Deathtrap, sometimes you can just sit, watch carnage unfold, and reap the EXP.


I love playing as girls in these games.


Vehicles Done Right

I have problems with vehicles. I've quit several games over them, but Borderlands makes vehicles fun. I may drive like a drunk sometimes, but I get where I need to go. And I kill things all along the way. That just goes back to the whole fun aspect of the game. There is nothing like flinging huge ninja stars at another vehicle and watching it explode. Also, vehicles aren't mandatory. There are numerous times while exploring I just leave the vehicle behind. Which brings me to my next point...


There Is So Much To Discover!

I've been playing one of the Borderlands games almost everyday for the past 3 years. A few nights ago I found a new Vault Symbol.


I don't actually know where this one is. Symbol hunt tonight = planned.

There are times I notice parts of the maps aren't found and go exploring in new places. There is just always something new to find. And in all those days of exploring I never once have gotten stuck in a place I couldn't get out of. This may just be a little plus in the grand scope of things, but it's something I wonder at every time I get to a place that isn't on the map, or climb into a crevice that looks like it shouldn't be crawled through.


Best. DLC. Evah!

When it comes to Borderlands, most people talk downloadable content. And really, why shouldn't they? From the Halloween themed The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned, or the loot explosion that is The Secret Armory of General Knoxx, to my favorite DLC ever, Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep, the DLC has been amazing and unparallelled.


And let us not forget Mr. Torgue and his Campaign of Carnage.

Put together the DLC is a game (or 2) to itself. And all of them are just as fun as the main games.


Well, that was a lot of words about Borderlands. (Longest Damson post evah?) These games mean so much to me that it was a no-brainer to write a Last-Gen Heroes piece on this. To be a girl that never played a shooter to completion, and be taken with these games in such a way just speaks volumes to how amazing it is to play the Borderlands series.

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