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Last-Gen Zeroes: My XBox 360

See that poor hunk of white plastic? That's my XBox 360. It's been sitting dormant for months. This generation the XBox was my Zero.

When I saw that Kotaku was going to have these Heroes/Zeroes posts, I knew the XBox would be my zero. Since then I've been trying to think of why and coming up short. I now realize that it's not one big thing, but a bunch of little things.



This one is tricky. I have the least amount of games for my Xbox, but I also bought it last of the three this generation. The disk sitting in at at this very moment is Lost Odyssey, which has already been featured in a Last-Gen Heroes piece. It's a remarkable game and I have enjoyed playing immensely. And still I haven't played in months.

Lost Odyssey isn't the only good game I have either. Blue Dragon I quit because of a timed section. Gears of War 3, that was supposed to be another co-op experience for my husband and me, never got opened. Soul Caliber IV had a one day marathon and was set aside.


The most played games on my XBox are the Naruto games my husband plays. And I doubt he's played in a year.



I've talked before about how small my hands are, which makes holding the weighty XBox controller hard for me. I can only game an hour or so before it becomes uncomfortable. That means the few instances I have to play something for a extended period of time, I end up picking up my 3DS or PS3 controller.


Oh, and there is that little issue of my controllers never working unless plugged in. I even bought off brand controllers to help and they never worked either. That was really a problem, since another reason I bought them was because they were smaller and easier for me to use. I'm guessing that the inability to have wireless controllers was a flaw in my system specifically, but it's still a check mark in the con column.


My XBox isn't online. It never has been. I never bought a cord for it to make it internet capable. Which means it looks the same as the day it came out of the box. Which means a horrible interface. Now, I don't do much more with it than play games, but even looking at trophies or seeing what I played last becomes an exercise in patience and navigating tabs.



Here's where my eccentricities start to kick in. I'm terrified that my XBox will Red Ring of Death. I have never had a console die on me. My original NES still works. My Genesis still functions. And then there is my XBox. It's old at this point. Way past warranty. It already runs slowly. It already freezes in the middle of games. If I had to guess, it's on it's last legs. Frankly, I don't like it enough to go out and buy another one if this one quits. So it's stuck in this limbo of me wanting to play it every few months and me thinking it's going to die at any second while playing.


It's all these little flaws that have taken it's toll and made my XBox a big Zero. And so that hunk of white plastic will continue to sit there. Maybe it will even light up once in a great while. But I doubt it.

No RROD over at TAYClassic, so go there and play around. It is way happier there than that shelf with my XBox on it.

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