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Late Night Story Time! "Mushroom Kingdom Mad Libs ActiviTAY"

Don't be weepy, sleepy puppies... It's almost time for bed, TAY. Time to change into pajamas (or if you don't wear any of those... whatever it is you want to do, it's kewl. I just don't need to hear about it), brush your teeth, dim the lights and curl up under those blankets. Hm? You're not sleepy yet? TAYV Movie Night gave you the scares?! Oh. Ohhhh, you wanted me to read you a story before bed! Sure, I can do that. Actually, I've got about 16 to share!

Here they are, TAY! The awesome stories you created as part of this morning's Open Forum: Mario & Luigi Mushroom Kingdom Mad Lib ActiviTAY! Thanks to everyone for their entries! And thanks for the banter on this Thorsday. Click the links to read everyone's hilarious entries and I have to say, it was quite fun with you guys, TAY. It always is.


Note: I tried to edit accordingly to match tenses and so on but I may have missed some of that. You'll get the idea hopefully. As for the weird "colour animal" on the last answer, I am not making it up but that's what the Nintendo World Mad Lib had. It was clearly a mistake but too funny not to keep in.

If I forgot anyone's entry somehow, let me know so I can add it! Also, if the links don't work, let me know that too.





Dyram the Emerald Blade







Shardik the Man Bear




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Thanks again, everyone. And goodnight! See you all on the morrow...

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