Nothing goes quite as well with long stretches of gaming like a tasty snack. So when I came face to face with Cheez-It's newest culinary creation at my local super market I knew I would have to put them to the test. Feeling lazy? Good. Let's begin.

- Taste. It certainly has a wonderful zing to it.

- Lack of cheese dust. Nothing is worse than smudging up your controller.

- It's really more like a chip than a Cheez-It, which in this case is a good thing.


- The grooves. They feel good in my hands. Easy to grip.


- Two flavors to choose from. Zesty Cheddar Ranch and White Cheddar. Be nice if there were more, but it'll do for now.


- You only get 9 oz for roughly $2.50. I get 13 oz of normal Cheez-Its for that same price. I want more bang for my buck you greedy cracker people.

They're pretty good tasting and they're not very messy. I highly recommend you give them a chance. In fact I finished the whole box in one day...